Doom Patrol season 2: First trailer teases Dorothy’s powers

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Dorothy’s powers are unleashed in Doom Patrol season 2.

The first trailer of Doom Patrol season 2 is here, and yes, it’s as kooky as you would expect. The ragtag team of wannabe superheroes are fighting for control and struggling with the revelations from the previous season in the trailer. They are also faced with a brand new threat whose power could ‘unleash hell on Earth’.

The show, which debuted on DC Universe to great acclaim in 2019, returns with the original team of Niles Caulder/ The Chief (Timothy Dalton), Victor Stone/ Cyborg (Joivan Wade), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser)/ Robotman (Riley Shanahan), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer)/ Negative Man (Matthew Zuk). Newcomer Abigail Shapiro joins the show as Dorothy, Caulder’s daughter.

What’s going on with the team in Doom Patrol season 2?

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The majority of Doom Patrol were shrunk down to miniature size in the finale, except for Cyborg. They will, thankfully, return to regular size at some point in Doom Patrol season 2.

The team was in shambles after Niles revealed that he had engineered the accidents that transformed each of the members. He did these in an effort to achieve immortality and protect his daughter Dorothy. In the Doom Patrol season 2 trailer, the team has to deal with the aftermath of this knowledge.

We see Vic attending a support group for the PTSD he’s dealing with from being injured in the blast that turned him into Cyborg. Vic is also helping Rita become a superhero. She’s still struggling to control her powers, but they’ve improved and in the trailer Rita takes her failures on the chin. Jane seems to have changed her mind about being part of the team – she calls them her family. What causes this about-turn in Jane?

We aren’t clear on how much Larry has changed since the first season. He made peace with the loss of his first love, but from the looks of it, Larry is still struggling to let anyone become close to him. Cliff’s personality see-saws in the trailer; he seems angry at first but also delirious with happiness.

Doom Patrol season 2 key art.
Doom Patrol season 2 key art. Image Courtesy DC Universe /

What do we know about Dorothy in Doom Patrol season 2?

Shapiro wears facial prosthetics to capture Dorothy’s unique look for the upcoming season of the show. The character looks similar to her comic book version, though the showrunners appear to have toned down her ape-like features.

Dorothy’s powers are front and center in the Doom Patrol season 2 trailer. In the comics, she’s able to conjure creatures from her imagination to life, which is what Dorothy is seen to be unleashing in the trailer. From rocket ships to monsters, Dorothy can create anything. Dorothy’s creations are going to lend themselves well to the weirder aspects of the show. The girl also has quite a temper; this combination is lethal, especially once Dorothy goes missing.

From the trailer, it isn’t evident if the team has forgiven Niles for destroying their lives, but he appears to be pleading with Robotman to help him find Dorothy and stop her from destroying the world.

The first season perfectly captured the emotions and character development of these quirky characters. What didn’t always work was when the showrunners leaned into the sillier side of the comics – when the show balances the two, it is phenomenal. Let’s hope the showrunners keep that in mind for the return.

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Doom Patrol season 2 will air its first three episodes on HBO Max on June 25.

What did you think of the Doom Patrol season 2 trailer? Are you excited to meet these super-zeroes again?