The Woods Season 2: Will the series be renewed?

The Woods Season 2: Will the Series Return for More?

The Netflix Original The Woods grabbed us from the very beginning. After the season finale, we are already craving The Woods Season 2.

The series follows a man named Pawel during two different times of his life. We see Pawel at a summer camp in 1994 and in his current life in 2019.

During his time at summer camp, we find out that on the last night 4 people have gone missing. Out of these 4 people, only 2 bodies were ever found. In 2019, Pawel discovers that one of the four has been alive this whole time, which also means the fourth missing person, his sister, could also be alive.

The series shares the story of what actually happened on the night in question in 1994, but there are some stories that are never completely finished. With these storylines left up in the air, we know everyone is wondering. Will Netflix make The Woods Season 2 happen?

The Woods Season 2: Questions we still want answers to.

The biggest question that we have is– Is Kamila really alive? At the end of season 1, we see Pawel go to a monastery and approach a woman. When he says Kamila’s name the woman begins to turn, but we are given a definite answer! If it is her, what has she been up to for all these years?

We are also left wondering what will happen to Pawel? He just admitted to embezzling money that his sister-in-law actually embezzled. Will he go to jail? What will happen to his daughter?

There are also some small pieces to this puzzle that we want put together. We would love to see Pawel and Laura end up with each other. We also want to know more about David and what really drove him to kill Arthur. Also, why was Arthur going to visit him? We aren’t really given these answers.

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We feel like The Woods still has more to give and we are here for it! How do you feel about the possibility of The Woods Season 2? Should Netflix make it happen?

Season 1 of The Woods is currently streaming on Netflix! 


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