Dark Season 3, Episode 6 recap: It’s a Fight between Light and Shadow

Martha Nielsen in Dark Season 3, Episode 6
Martha Nielsen in Dark Season 3, Episode 6 /

Eva and Adam set their plans in motion in Dark Season 3, Episode 6.

Dark Season 3, Episode 6 takes place in the hours leading up to the apocalypse on Earth-2. Charlotte and Ulrich discover that the two pennies found are identical and have possibly traveled through time. Ulrich digs deeper and figures out that the body in the bunker is most likely his brother, but if he was only recently killed, there can only be one explanation.

Ulrich realizes that Helge knows more than he’s letting on, so he lets the old man go and follows him to the caves. The last Ulrich who traveled through time didn’t fare too well, what about this one?

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Meanwhile, Aleksander comes clean about his past to his son. He’s being blackmailed by Hannah and wants Bartosz to know that he was Boris Niewald, suspected murderer 33 years ago. Aleksander insists the deaths were an accident, but it’s all too much for Bartosz.

The boy doesn’t have time to process the matter because Martha arrives pleading with him to uncover his father’s secret stash of minerals that will cause the apocalypse. They don’t reach the plant.

At the nuclear power plant, Aleksander shows Charlotte the barrels, but he is unaware that Eva has sent one of the ‘origin’ to activate the apocalypse. On Earth-Prime and on Earth-2, the trio divide up and turn on the plant, thus causing the apocalypse.

Dark Season 3, Episode 6: Quantum Entanglement

Louis Hoffman as Jonas Kahnwald in Dark season 3, episode 1
Louis Hoffman as Jonas Kahnwald in Dark season 3, episode 1 /

If we thought Dark Season 3 was complicated before, there are new concepts introduced in the sixth episode. We’ve all been wondering how older Jonas/ the Stranger seems to have a different history that doesn’t involve Earth-2 Martha. This episode explains this anomaly is caused by quantum entanglement.

Jonas’ life diverges at the point that Earth-2 Martha rescues him – he either meets her, goes to her world, creates the origin and gets shot; or, Jonas has to live his life knowing his future self, Adam, killed the love of his life. The latter Jonas turns into the Stranger who is obsessed with the idea of changing time and bringing his family back before becoming the cynical Adam who wants to end the world.

One can’t exist without the other, which means there’s still one version of teenaged Jonas in the mix, though the protagonist we were following is dead. This other Jonas meets Claudia from the 1980s – he was guiding her on the instructions of old Claudia in Season 2, but Earth-2 Claudia has sowed the seeds of doubt about trusting Jonas.

Jonas is desperate for a machine to take him back, but the cave and the passages are gone and the only remaining device isn’t working. There’s a God Particle at hand, but Claudia and Jonas don’t know how to harness the energy.

Dark Season 3, Episode 6: Eva and Adam set their plans in motion

Eva and Adam represent the Light and the Shadow of Dark Season 3. While Eva still believes her world can be saved, Adam wants the world to end. His idea of paradise is unending darkness. We can see why Adam is so jaded, but wow, that’s dark.

In Dark Season 3, Episode 6, Adam has one goal – kill the origin and untie the knot that’s created this infinite loop of death and destruction. He has sent his minions on missions across times and worlds to ensure events play out the way they were intended.

He’s sent at least two pairs of characters to different times for unknown reasons, but he also sends older Magnus and Fransizka to dupe Earth-2 Martha into rescuing Jonas before the apocalypse. With his cronies gone, Adam attempts to kill the origin by lighting up the black matter around Martha. How do Martha and her child survive?

Eva is also setting her plan in motion. Her aim is to fill in as many gaps to keep the loop intact as the apocalypse takes place on Earth-2. She sends the two Noahs to protect young Elisabeth from the bunker; older Bartosz to save his younger self, her Claudia to recruit Earth-Prime Claudia to their cause; older Martha to leave the letter and the watch for Jonas in 1888, and old Egon Tiedemann to ensure his family lives – he helps Hannah Nielsen who looks like about to give birth prematurely.

Hannah and Egon’s child on Earth-Prime and Hannah and Ulrich’s child on Earth-2 are the two biggest variables in the story. Who do these children grow up to be and how do they connect to the others?

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What did you think of Dark Season 3, Episode 6? Who do you think will eventually succeed in their plan?