5 reasons you can’t miss Close Enough on HBO

Close Enough - Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia
Close Enough - Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia /
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Close Enough
Close Enough – Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia /

Here are the top five reasons to watch Close Enough!

Close Enough is the latest animated series from Regular Show creator J. G. Quintel. The new show is about a millennial couple in their early 30s grappling with being parents while struggling to make ends meet. To keep their family afloat Josh and Emily room with their divorced friends Bridgette and Alex.

The cast includes J. G. Quintel, Gabrielle Walsh, Jason Mantzoukas, Kimiko Glenn, Jessica DiCicco, James Adomian, and Danielle Brooks. So why should you check out Close Enough?

5. Close Enough is basically Regular Show but all grown up.

If you loved Regular Show and the wild adventures of Mordecai, Rigby, and their colorful assortment of friends, then you should love Close Enough. The two series are extremely similar — unsurprising since they share a creator, but Close Enough is more mature.

It’s kind of like if Regular Show was geared toward adults rather than kids and teenagers. That said, it’s not over the top in terms of inappropriate content, like I wouldn’t say it’s as R-rated as something like Rick and Morty. The jokes are hilarious and the adult themes help make the series all the more engaging for its target audience.