5 reasons you can’t miss Close Enough on HBO

Close Enough - Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia
Close Enough - Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia /
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Close Enough
Close Enough – Courtesy of HBO Max/WarnerMedia /

2. It’s genuinely hilarious without being crass.

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I don’t know about you but I’m not a huge fan of shows that use a lot of bathroom humor to make a joke, it’s just not my taste. Now some people enjoy that, for those who don’t, Close Enough is a great option.

A lot of the humor is surreal, witty, and just downright funny without being too immature.

I saw one reviewer describe the series as Regular Show meets Black Mirror, and that felt like a pretty apt description! It can be super dark, and I love dark comedy, but without the fart jokes.

1. The storylines are creative.

Technically, Close Enough is a sitcom and there are some familiar sitcom storylines and tropes, but generally, the series has a delightfully strange take on even the most stereotypical plots.

It’s a good reminder of why animated shows can be better than live-action sometimes, the freedom is exponential and they can do basically anything they want.

HBO Max even released the first full episode for free! Check it out below:

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The entire first season of Close Enough is now available to stream on HBO Max.