Perry Mason Season 2: Plot predictions, release date, and more

Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

HBO has renewed Perry Mason for another season!

Perry Mason, which stars Matthew Rhys in the leading role, was initially slated to be an eight-episode miniseries for HBO, but according to TVLine, the network has decided to make it a full-blown series. A second season has officially been ordered, which isn’t too surprising considering how well-received the show has been.

We’re still a few episodes away from the ending of Perry Mason‘s first season, so it’s a little hard to guess as to what the sophomore season will focus on or when it will premiere, but we have some theories!

What will Perry Mason Season 2 be about?

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Considering Perry finally became a lawyer in the last episode of Perry Mason, I think it’s safe to assume that the next season will see him leaning more into his profession and likely tackling another giant, juicy case similar to the Dodsons.

Except for this time, he’ll be on the frontlines as the attorney. I would not be surprised at all if we see some kind of a time jump between the two seasons. I think it would make a lot of sense for the show to skip ahead at least a few years, if not a couple of months.

I would love to see Rhys’ wife and former co-star, Keri Russell pop in for a fun appearance in Season 2, even if only as a guest star or cameo. I think a lot of fans would enjoy it!

When will Perry Mason Season 2 debut?

The premiere date is much harder to predict right now given the ongoing pandemic. It’s hard to say when filming would being, but since many writers are adapting to the new schedule and method of work, there is a good chance writing could begin in a timely fashion.

As for production, I can’t see it happening until early next year, at least. I’d assume Season 2 of Perry Mason will air later in 2021, maybe next fall or winter. That’s a hopeful guesstimate though, there is an equally good chance we won’t see the series return until 2022.

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Are you looking forward to Perry Mason Season 2? What do you hope to see next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Perry Mason Season 1 is currently airing Sunday nights on HBO, episodes are available to watch through the app.