The Society Season 2: What is taking so long for Netflix to release the next installment?

The Society -- Courtesy of Seacia Pavao / Netflix
The Society -- Courtesy of Seacia Pavao / Netflix /

What is taking so long for Netflix to release The Society Season 2?

It has been well over a year since the first season of Netflix’s addicting teen mystery drama The Society was released. Yet in that time, we’ve hardly heard a peep from the streaming service about The Society Season 2, beyond a confirmed renewal.

UPDATE: The Society has been canceled by Netflix due to COVID-19-related production troubles.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for news, any kind of news, on the sophomore season for ages now. So, what’s the deal? Are we ever going to get more episodes? The answer is, yes, Netflix is still planning to bring us The Society Season 2, but it seems like the pandemic may have thrown their plans out of whack.

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If you search on Twitter, you’ll see fans begging Netflix for a release date and noticing that the streaming service removed “expected in 2020” from the official page.

I think people may have expected the show to have finished filming already, on track for a May return. When that didn’t happen, everyone started to wonder what the deal was.

It is possible Netflix is simply sitting on the episodes to release at a later date. Since the pandemic has definitely halted production on essentially every single television show on-air right now, it would make sense they wanted to preserve some content for the months when television is all but barren of new content.

They could be planning a surprise drop within the next few months, although I don’t think that is super likely.

The Society Season 2
The Society — Courtesy of Seacia Pavao / Netflix /

When will The Society Season 2 debut?

Judging by some investigation by What’s On Netflix, it sounds like production for The Society Season 2 was interrupted due to the pandemic. It sounds like the show was originally slated to start work on the new season in March, but had to shut down production when everything went on lockdown.

They also found an additional article stating a Netflix originally slated for spring would return to work by mid-September. WON suspects the show in question is The Society, meaning they might not be filming again until the end of summer.

Given that information, I would anticipate The Society not arriving until 2021, at this rate. Hopefully, the show will bow in the first six months of the new year, if things stay on schedule and don’t get disrupted again.

Any news on The Society Season 2?

Sadly, we don’t have much news to share, although thanks to a Deadline exclusive, we do know one interesting tidbit. Olivia Nikkanen, who played Gwen in the first season, has been promoted to a series regular for The Society Season 2.

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Are you excited for The Society Season 2? What do you most want to happen in the sophomore season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The first season of The Society is now streaming on Netflix.