Curon, Season 1, Episode 3 recap: The Killer

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /

Episode 3 of Netflix’s Curon has a hostile doppelganger.

Episode 3 of Curon begins with an unexpected flashback of a young Albert (Filippo Marsili) and Anna (Mihaela Dorlan). They appear to break up after she reveals she met someone named Pietro from Milan. Of course, we mostly know the adult Albert (Alessandro Tedeschi), a needlessly stern parent to Micki (Juju Di Domenico) and Giulio (Giulio Brizzi). We do so a kinder, gentler side to him here, though, as he supports Micki after she was targeted with some homophobic graffiti at her school.

Micki’s mom, Klara (Anna Ferzetti), is concerned about Albert, however. Is he involved in any way with Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello)? Meanwhile, Giulio gets upset and leaves after Micki compares him to Albert. While it’s not yet established what is causing these rifts in their family, it does seem that Albert is behind many of them. This is obviously why Giulio resents her comparison (also, Albert seems to treat him more harshly).

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Curon: The doppelganger returns / Cabins in the woods

Similar to Micki annoying Giulio, Daria (Margherita Morchio) frustrates Mauro (Federico Russo) by suggesting he imagined seeing the woman in the attic the previous night.

The tension continues elsewhere, too. At school, Lukas (Luca Castellano) apologizes to Micki, but she does not accept it. Moments later, Lukas again sees a dark version of himself. Given that Mauro had such visions, too, we already have reason to think Lukas isn’t just going crazy,

Anyway, Daria and Mauro enter a cabin looking for their mom but instead find Giulio’s pot-growing operation. When Giulio shows up to find a broken padlock, Daria and Mauro barely escape by distracting him with a tossed pebble, then look for Anna in the so-called “Valley of the Sun”. As this is happening, Albert and Thomas (Luca Lionello) are out looking for Anna. Surprisingly, they don’t encounter any wolves this time.

Lukas fights his evil twin

Things continue getting weirder on Curon. Lukas’s dad (Giuseppe Gandini) is upset with him, but Lukas doesn’t know why. Then, when Lukas goes to the garage, things get crazy. After seeing the wheel on a bike spin for no reason, Lukas is attacked by his doppelganger with a hammer. He narrowly escapes, running to his room to wait with a knife.

Meanwhile, out in the woods with Daria and Mauro, Thomas shows up with Albert in a Jeep. Albert promises them he’ll look for their mom, then explains that he had found their mom’s phone earlier, which is why it was in his jacket pocket. Then Thomas gets strange, acknowledging that the woman Mauro saw wasn’t his mother but a vision or a “shadow.” Soon after that, Mauro finds his mother’s earring by a cabin.


Other things happen in rapid succession. On their own, Albert and Thomas find a wrecked vehicle, which almost appears to be intentionally planted. Daria threatens to turn Giulio in over his weed greenhouse. Also, Lukas tells Micki about his doppelganger that’s following him, and Mauro shows Daria their mother’s earring he found in the cabin.

For obvious reasons, they go to the cabin and find some telltale bloodstains all over inside! To make matters worse, they find the other earring moments before Albert enters. They initially hide from Albert. Then, right as Abert finds them trying to hide, Thomas knocks him out with a gun and the two take off, leaving Thomas to deal with Albert alone.


Not confused yet? Well, Curon is only getting started. With Albert arrested (presumably on suspicion of murder), attention shifts back to Lukas, sent to the garage to retrieve cat food for their pet, Figaro. However, Lukas meets himself yet again in the garage, and his mirror self is still brandishing a hammer. Lukas takes off into the woods. Although he eludes his doppelganger for a little bit, he is ultimately beaten with the hammer, and apparently dies. Ouch!

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