We Hunt Together Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Freddy & Baba’s body count grows

(L-R): Dipo Ola as Baba and Hermione Cornfield as Freddy in WE HUNT TOGETHER. Photo Credit: BBC Studios/UKTV/Laurence Cendrowicz.
(L-R): Dipo Ola as Baba and Hermione Cornfield as Freddy in WE HUNT TOGETHER. Photo Credit: BBC Studios/UKTV/Laurence Cendrowicz. /

We Hunt Together Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Freddy’s hit list grows.

Killing Simon alongside Baba instills in Freddy a certain bloodlust and eagerness to do away with all of the people causing problems in her life. Matt Bowers (Tom Andrews) is next in line and becomes a target in We Hunt Together Season 1, Episode 2.

Before this episode, we only heard about Matt from Simon and Freddy. We knew he and Simon got into a heated argument at the club, but little else. In Episode 2, Matt confronts Freddy in the street, not dissimilar to the way Simon manhandled her. The connection between them is revealed slowly throughout the hour.

When Freddy first came to London, she barely had enough money to pay for two weeks at a hostel. Matt took her under his wing, essentially becoming her pimp as he forced her to work for the website where she met Simon, a place designed to “skip to the third date,” and pay for sex. Freddy was $10,000 in debt to Matt, in addition to interest.

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Having not paid him back, he tracks her down and demands she makes good on their deal or continues working for him.

Since Freddy has a new job as a sex phone operator, which doesn’t require to have sex with clients, it’s clear she has no interest in going back to that part of her life, hence why she needs to get rid of Matt. It also explains why she turned down her boss’s offer to do webcamming.

All of this is revealed to Baba while the two are hanging out at her apartment, trying to figure out what their cover story will be if the cops pay them a visit, and not long after, Jackson and Lola show up to do just that.

Freddy manages to play it cool and point them in Matt’s direction. She and Baba decide to frame Matt for Simon’s murder and then kill him in the process, killing two birds with one stone. Freddy tells Matt to meet her in a secluded area that night for the money trade-off. Baba, hidden in the backseat, waits until Matt gets into her car and then knocks him unconscious (unbeknownst to Freddy, who thinks he was strangled to death in front of her).

They use a rope to create a noose on a tree in the woods to make it look like Simon was overcome with guilt by his actions and wound up killing himself, even writing “I’m sorry Simon,” in the dirt with a stick.

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Everything seems to be going according to plan until Freddy notices a random man prowling in the dark who happens to witness them stringing a man up a tree.  Obviously, they can’t afford to have a witness, so Baba takes off after him, leaving Freddy with Matt’s corpse — except he’s not a corpse. In a horror movie moment, Matt rises up and tries to attack her.

Thankfully, Baba returns in time to yank the rope and hoist Matt into the air, legitimately killing him with the noose. As he points out, they needed him to do by hanging, as a medical examiner would know if he was killed via strangulation.

Baba also managed to kill the straggler, leaving them with a random body they stow in their trunk. Baba has a plan to get rid of him, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what!

We Hunt Together
(L-R): Babou Ceesay as Jackson and Eve Myles as Lola in WE HUNT TOGETHER. Photo Credit: BBC Studios/UKTV/Ludovic Robert /

We Hunt Together Season 1, Episode 2 recap: Lola and Jackson become suspicious of Freddy.

As mentioned above, Lola and Jackson pay Freddy a visit after finding her profile and conversations with Simon. While Baba hides in a closet, she tells them Matt and Simon got into a fight at the club and thinks he could be a person of interest in the case.

Jackson is still suspicious of Freddy when they leave her flat. He thinks she’s smart and likes to lord her intelligence over men. He certainly believes there is something “off” about her, although Lola argues most of the time violent premeditated crimes are not perpetrated by women.

They manage to pull the CCTV footage from the club, which does indeed correlate with Freddy’s story of the night. The next stop is trying to find Matt, but by the time they reach his address, he’s already gone and headed to his eventual demise. They don’t manage to catch him on his phone either.

Ultimately, Jackson and Lola fail to stop Matt’s murder. They’re called back into the office to see if everything fits within a nice little bow. It would appear Simon and Matt might have been lovers, they got into a spat, Matt killed Simon, became overcome with guilt, and committed suicide.

It sounds accurate, based on the evidence, but neither Lola nor Jackson are convinced. For starters, they argue there were no signs of Simon being gay in his extensive dating history. The chief argues that he might have just hidden it well. Still, the partners ask for more time to solve the case, they’re only give 24 hours.

At the end of the episode, Lola calls Jackson after staying up late reviewing the CCTV footage yet again. She realizes Freddy was the one with the connection to Matt, as she is seen talking to him multiple times before Simon ever gets involved. That means she’s definitely hiding something.

We Hunt Together
Hermione Cornfield as Freddy in WE HUNT TOGETHER. Photo Credit: BBC Studios/UKTV/Laurence Cendrowicz. /

Odds & Ends from We Hunt Together Season 1, Episode 2

  • Jackson’s marriage might not be as perfect as it seems on the surface. There is definitely some tension between him and his wife.
  • Lola is a struggling heroin addict. She keeps a secret stash in her home and almost succumbs to it in this episode. There is also a moment where she is seen writing a happy birthday message to someone named Jessica. Could she have an estranged daughter?

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