Love in the Time of Corona Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: Seriously Now

Tommy Dorfman in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform
Tommy Dorfman in Love in the Time of Corona - Courtesy of Freeform /

Love in the Time of Corona: Is there trouble in quarantine paradise?

In the previous episode of Love in the Time of Corona, we see some couples hitting a quarantine wall and having some things to work out. While there are other relationships just on the horizon.

We start with Oscar on Facetime with Sean. They are talking about quarantine love stories that they have seen on the internet. Oscar is all for the romantic stories, while that doesn’t fit Sean’s style.

Elle comes downstairs to have coffee and talks to Sean on Facetime. She is still acting strange even though she claims everything is ok.

We are at James’s mother, Nanda’s, house. She is talking to her other son, Dedrick. Dedrick is talking about the rift he has with his father. He is resentful because they helped James over him.

We then see Sarah answering a phone call from a man named, Carl. He is someone she works with and they are canceling her big trip due to Covid-19.

James and Sade are continuing to argue in their house. She is upset that his job pulls him away all of the time and that he is missing their little girl growing up.

Elle is now back in her room and is about to answer a phone call from Adam. They are talking about the book that Adam left for Elle. They also get into Elle’s family life and Adam is very accepting of it.

Oscar and Sean are now getting into their families. Sean finally puts seeing each other in person on the table. Oscar wants to, but at the same time, quarantine.

Paul, Sarah, and Sophie are talking in the living room and Sophie brings up dating apps. Paul awkwardly knows too much about them. Sophie gets a call and leaves the room.

Sarah pushes further about dating apps and Paul mentions his girlfriend, Gigi. They begin to argue about why they split in the first place and Sarah mentions her trip has been canceled. This is a lot for Sarah. She says she has a headache and goes to lay down.

Sade and her friend are on Facetime again. Sade brings up the tension between herself and James. She also jokes about how the honeymoon phase with her new man is over. She then assures Sade that her relationship will be ok.

Nanda is now on Facetime with her husband. She is talking to him about Dedrick. She wants the whole family to be put back together, but he doesn’t seem too accepting of it. So, she goes outside to Dedrick and tells him that they are all having dinner together on Facetime.

Now Sarah is doing what every ex does and goes through Gigi’s Instagram. Gigi then sends Paul a text message of a picture of Sophie at a party. Paul instantly freaks out and runs into Sarah’s room because she said she had a headache. We can relate to all of this, all too well!

When Nanda calls the Rehab to get her husband on the phone for dinner, he claims he is too tired. Nanda tries to reassure Dedrick that it isn’t because of him, but we know it probably is.

L. Scott Caldwell in Love in the Time of Corona
L. Scott Caldwell in Love in the Time of Corona – Courtesy of Freeform /

Oscar is talking to Sean. Sean brings up Oscar’s relationship with Elle and it is frustrating Oscar. They hang up very upset with each other.

We are back with James. He is going through all of the pictures he has from when his first daughter was born. Could he be having more thoughts about a second baby?

After he goes through the pictures, he walks in on Sade playing piano and singing. He tells Sade that after going through the pictures, he realized that he isn’t in most of them.

Sade then tells him that she isn’t pregnant and asks if he still wants another baby. To her surprise, he answers no.

Oscar and Elle are back together on the couch. They are back to their normal banter and asking each other about their relationships.

Sophie is talking to her friend and they are trying to figure out how her dad found out about the party. They go through Sophie’s friends on Instagram and find Gigi. Sophie scrolls through her posts and finds her father. She thinks he is having an affair.

Nanda is now on the phone with her husband. Only this time, he has no recollection of who she is. She recounts their beautiful love story. We are here for it!

Oscar and Elle are playing a fun game of reading each other’s diaries out loud. Things take a turn when they start kissing.

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We are in the thick of quarantine and times are getting questionable but how will each of these relationships pan out? 

You can watch Love in the Time of Corona on Freeform!