Love Fraud: A guide to Showtime’s new docuseries

Sabrina in LOVE FRAUD, "Episode 1". Photo Credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME.
Sabrina in LOVE FRAUD, "Episode 1". Photo Credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME. /

Love Fraud is a new Showtime docuseries premiering Sunday.

This Sunday, Showtime will premiere a brand new docuseries Love Fraud, which is all about Richard Scott Smith, a man who has spent decades seducing women and then conning them. The story is a little similar to Dirty John and the seedy tale of John Meehan.

Smith is the type of predator your parents tried to warn you about when you were a kid just learning how to use the internet. He intentionally sought out women seeking love and connection, charmed them, and then swindled them out of everything they owned.

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In this new real-time docuseries, a group of his victims works together to put him behind bars.

How many episodes of Love Fraud are there?

In total, there are four episodes as this is a four-part docuseries.

  • Episode 1 — “You Just Gotta Trust Me”
  • Episode 2 — “Witchita”
  • Episode 3 — “I’m Glad You Called”
  • Episode 4 — “How Did You Guys See This Ending?”

Rachel Grady and Heather Ewing serve as co-directors and executive producers.

Love Fraud: Who is Richard Scott Smith?

The conman at the epicenter of Love Fraud has had an astounding number of wives throughout the years, a total of ten, possibly more. It took multiple private investigators, a bounty hunter, and several victims devoted to bringing him to justice to finally bring Smith down.

USA Today screened the first episode and discussed what some of the women said about Smith throughout the opening hour. When his victims finally banded together against him, they called themselves a “revenge squad.”

Episode 1 focuses on a woman named Tracy, who met a dazzling man named “Mickey.” Their courtship was a “dizzying ride” that ended “with a beautiful engagement ring.”

Tracy’s daughters warned her that she was moving too fast with this man, but she thought she had found her soulmate and her future bliss. Eventually, her girls learned Mickey’s sinister secret, forcing them to shatter what their mother thought was the perfect marriage.

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Love Fraud premieres Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT.