Titans Season 3: [SPOILER] finally confirmed to be alive

A dead character will return on Titans Season 3
A dead character will return on Titans Season 3 /

In news that probably won’t shock many, at the DC FanDome Titans Season 3 panel, one character’s death was confirmed to be overexaggerated.

The preview panel for Titans Season 3 didn’t lack surprise announcements. During the first edition of DC FanDome, new characters were announced to be joining the show, while the extended version of the same panel confirmed that one dead character would be back for the third season.

Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy had met an ignominious end in the second season finale, but her body was then taken to Themyscira for burial. Rachel Roth/ Raven (Teagan Croft) joined her in the hopes that her evolving powers could help Donna. Now we know that Donna is saved, but is she the same?

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Titans Season 3: What do we know about Donna and Rachel?

One of the low points in the second season finale was how a great Amazon warrior like Donna Troy was felled by a collapsing electrical pylon. It seems like this was a contrived way for the showrunners to take the character in a new direction.

Leslie herself had once mentioned Donna Troy’s Troia arc from the comics as a possible resurgence for the character. At the DC FanDome panel, executive producer Greg Walker appeared to suggest that Donna’s death by electricity could be foreshadowing her powers in Titans Season 3.

There was little doubt that Donna would be returning, but if she returns as Troia, then it’s possible that Donna will wield Troia’s light-based powers.

Conor Leslie will return on Titans Season 3
Conor Leslie will return on Titans Season 3 /

Walker also confirmed that Donna and Rachel will be navigating the underworld. Rachel has the power of healing, but her powers are fuelled by the demon Trigon, which makes them uncontrollable and unstable, and this could affect Donna’s resurrection.

Donna and Rachel didn’t get much time to bond in the previous seasons of the show, and this will give them some much-needed screen time together.

Rachel is also set to see more character development. She’ll be ‘pulling away from the Titans’ and trying to discover her place in the world. Walker hinted that many of the characters will be rediscovering how they fit in as superheroes.

As revealed in August, Titans Season 3 will move the team to Gotham, where they will meet Commissioner Barbara Gordon and Dr. Jonathan Crane. Gordon has a history with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) and the two of them must deal with the ‘mistakes of their fathers’.

Character reveals aside, the third season will see the team strive to work together and become more than the sum of their own parts. We know that there are plenty of underlying tensions between several members—Hank and Dawn being high on the list since they recently broke up and aren’t sure whether they want to team up professionally either—but the show is leaning towards an optimistic angle of ‘hope and possibility’.

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