Showtime renews Don Cheadle’s Wall Street comedy ‘Black Monday’ for Season 3

Black Monday Season 3 is officially happening at Showtime!

Don Cheadle’s dark comedy series about the stock market and Wall Street will return for another batch of episodes at Showtime. According to Deadline, Black Monday Season 3 is set to go into production at some point in 2021.

Thus far, Black Monday has been lucky in that the series has only been minimally affected by COVID-19. The second season was originally supposed to air two episodes back-to-back each week, but the schedule shifted to one a week due to the pandemic.

What will Black Monday Season 3 be about?

In the second season of the series, Dawn (Regina Hall) and Blair (Andrew Rannell) took over the TBD Group while Mo (Cheadle) and Keith (Paul Scheer) took off to Miami. After a season of consorting, scheming and using people to their advantage, the season ended with Dawn taking a serious hit and Mo rising back to the top.

Black Monday Season 3 will likely kick off with the new “Mo Co.” How will Mo lead this new company? Poor Dawn has taken the hit for the entire stock market crash, so things aren’t exactly looking good for her when we last see her. Here’s to hoping that she’ll find a way to claw her way out of the wreckage.

During the summer months, Cheadle spoke with Deadline about the upcoming season, which will also be ten episodes like the preceding seasons.

As anyone who has paid even a few minutes of attention to the news and economy knows, there’s no lack of recessions or stock market crashes to cover in Black Monday.

Cheadle teased the possibility of the series leaping into the future, sometime in the ’90s, so they can infuse the series with some different fashion, music and trends. They have a lot of flexibility for the show’s future, and it looks like Showtime is planning to keep Black Monday around for the long haul.

“But as far as where the characters are going to go, who knows? Mo is sitting over his empire; he’s got spray paint on the wall. Blair has a dead senator in the background of his life. [Keith Shankar], he’s in jail. Dawn takes the whole hit for the stock market crash. I think once again we’re blown out of the water, so who knows,” Cheadle said.

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The first two seasons of Black Monday are now streaming on Showtime.