‘Truth Seekers’ Episode 7 recap: ‘The Hinckley Boy’

Truth Seekers: Who is Elton? How is he connected to everything else?

In the previous episode of Amazon Prime‘s Truth Seekers, we find out that Elton may have a supernatural past. He has been hiding this from Gus, but for what reason? Is he connected? We start this episode out with two teenage children. Could this be Elton and Helen? Only one of them is being called by a different name.

The little boy is being asked to get the wash, but he doesn’t want to and says that it is creepy down there. Once down there, a voice says, “open the door.” Then the washer goes on fire, and the woman from Astrid’s dream shows up.

Then we are back in the present day. Gus shows up at Elton’s place. He says they have a job, and Elton goes to the van. Meanwhile, we return to the place Toynbee has scouted out for the big event. Toynbee’s and his assistant have a circle of men that he was put in his trance.

They are getting ready for the eclipse. Helen and Richard talk on facetime when Richard gets “activated” by Toynbee and says that he has to go. He quickly hangs up with Helen and begins to rummage through the house.

Elton has tricked Gus into going toward his childhood home. When Elton realizes what is happening and he gets out of the car.

Gus tells Astrid how Elton is the haunted child from the magazine and the beginning of the episode. He then also says that his wife, Emily, was looking into Elton’s case but could not figure it out.

We then go to Smyle headquarters. Dave is trying to figure out how these people are watching him. He thinks someone has hacked in. Elton goes back to the van and tells them the story of his childhood. He was poked and prodded by scientists and asked to do interviews. He hated every second of it. So his family picked up and ran away.

Gus and Astrid put together that Elton is special and that he is the reason they have been running into the supernatural. Elton agrees to go back to his childhood house. Dr. Toynbee is talking about how he feels the barrier between worlds starting to shift. But he is still worried about the reception in the area interfering.  But then, he gets an idea and asks for his assistant to do something for him.

Truth Seekers

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Truth Seekers: Elton heads home.

Elton, Gus, and Astrid make it to Elton’s house. Of course, they need to knock to gain access, but they are immediately invited inside. Back at Smyle, Dave’s assistant Bjorn is helping him ping the location of the blackmailing emails. At Elton’s childhood house, the group is given access to the basement. Elton and Astrid reluctantly start to walk downstairs.

They make it downstairs, but it has been renovated and looks a lot nicer than when Elton left it. He does not feel much of a connection. Dr. Toynbee has put his assistant on the same clock tower as from previous in the series. Toynbee starts a storm and is going to sacrifice her. He is trying to replicate what happened to the WWII person and enter the number station.

By having his assistant be in the number station, the area he is working in will lose their service connection. Helen goes to visit Richard because he sounded weird on the phone. Only he isn’t there, but he did leave behind a homemade model of the location Toynbee is in. Just then, all of Toynbee’s minions mindlessly walking to the real location.

Back at Elton’s house, the crow creature chasing Astrid shows up at the back door and is scaring the current owner. The lights start to flicker. Astrid and Elton are met with a burning woman in the basement. Gus is outside and is met with the ghost of his wife, Emily.

Astrid reaches out to touch the burning woman, and she turns into an older woman. It is Astrid’s mother. Emily is telling Gus that she has found an eternal future and says that Toynbee murdered her.

In the basement, we learn that Astrid had died in 1997, and Gus and Elton fully brought her back into this world when she was at the hospital. Astrid’s mom says Astrid was trapped in between worlds. The only way to push her through was when Elton was near. Emily is filling Gus in on Toynbee and how he plans to blow up 200 more people during the eclipse.

After knowing Astrid is safe, Astrid’s mother wants Elton to close the door between sides, and he does. Emily goes away, and Helen calls Gus telling him that Richard is gone. She shows him the model Richard made. Gus is putting the pieces together and knows where to go.

Truth Seekers: Final Thoughts

Well, we did not really see any of this coming together in the way it did. We figured out that Elton had a haunted past but did not know it was related to Astrid or Emily.

We also didn’t figure that Elton was the key to all of this. Overall, I would give this episode an A. It really put more pieces together and gave us some good twists and turns.

How do you think Truth Seekers is going to end? Will Gus, Elton and Astrid figure everything out in time? 

You can watch the entire first season of Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime.