The 5 biggest twists from The Flight Attendant Season 1 finale

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant Episode 8 -- Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/HBO
Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant Episode 8 -- Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/HBO /
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The Flight Attendant Episode 8
Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant Episode 8 — Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/HBO /

2. The Flight Attendant Episode 8 twist: Miranda is still alive & looking out for Cassie.

Miranda and Cassie’s relationship had come a long way since their first random meeting in Bangkok and the days when Cassie thought Miranda was her main enemy. In this episode, she even admits that she’s started to genuinely care about Cassie and is worried about her safety. Unfortunately, their plan to ambush Feliks goes awry when Miranda initially takes a detour to deal with Victor.

She kills him and then races to the airport, boarding a late flight only to be attacked by Feliks in the elevator upon her arrival in Rome. It doesn’t look good for Miranda, especially because Cassie finds her shoved in her hotel room bathtub with Feliks hovering above her body later in the episode. But when she asks Shane what happened to Miranda after all is said and done, he tells her they didn’t find anyone else in the hotel room.

Later, Cassie finds Alex’s copy of Crime and Punishment with a note from Miranda and a page missing inside of her coat pocket during breakfast with Annie. Yes, Miranda stole the page with all of the codes so she could get the money, but she thought Cassie should keep the book. Cassie races outside the diner to catch up with her, but she’s long gone by then or watching from the shadows. I’d like to see their paths cross again.

1. The Flight Attendant Episode 8 twist: Cassie might be recruited to the CIA.

Now that all of the craziness in Cassie’s life is finally over, the final episode of the season marks a turning point in her life. She makes peace with her past and with Alex by accepting that she wasn’t at fault for the fatal car crash that killed her father and saying goodbye to Alex once and for all. To signify this, Cassie revisits her dreamscape of the hotel room from Bangkok and slowly turns off all of the lights. She also decides to get sober and starts attending AA meetings, happily showing Annie her two-day chip.

When she returns to work at Imperial Atlantic, she’s surprised to see Shane there. He tells her that his boss is interested in enlisting Cassie in their “human assets” program, so she should expect a call soon. In the final moment of the episode, Cassie sits down in preparation for takeoff and looks happy and optimistic about her future for the first time in a long time.

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