6 binge-worthy shows like The Flight Attendant to watch ASAP

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shows like The Flight Attendant

In The Dark — “My Pride and Joy” — Pictured (L-R): Brooke Markham as Jess Damon and Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason — Photo: Brendan Adam-Zwelling/The CW

Here are six shows like The Flight Attendant to watch while you wait for the second season!

The Flight Attendant came to an explosive and exciting end last week on HBO Max, and now fans will have to wait until next year for new content. If you’re looking for something to fill the void, we’ve compiled a list of six binge-worthy shows like The Flight Attendant to keep you entertained for a while!

6. Shows like The Flight Attendant: In the Dark

In the Dark is a crime-drama that has aired on The CW for two seasons now and is renewed for a third season. The series revolves around Murphy, a blind woman who drifts through life in a haze of drunkenness and casual sex. But things take a drastic turn one night when Murphy goes for a walk with her guide dog Pretzel and stumbles across what she believes is the body of her friend, a teenage drug-dealer named Tyson.

But when the police arrive, the body is gone. Murphy resolves to figure out what happened to Tyson, even if it puts her directly in the crosshairs of serious danger. Like The Flight Attendant, In the Dark features a messy female protagonist, and it has a similar dark comedy vibe along with a great cast of side characters and a compelling central mystery.

In the Dark is now streaming on Netflix.

5. Shows like The Flight Attendant: Barry

Bill Hader stars as Barry Berkman, a former Marine who works as a hitman who aspires to be an actor in the critically-acclaimed HBO series, Barry. Dissatisfied with his life as a hitman, Barry discovers a group of acting hopefuls at a Los Angeles theater group and tries to follow his newfound dreams of becoming an actor. Unfortunately for Barry, giving up his murderous past won’t be easy.

Barry has aired two seasons so far, with a third underway. It has raked in numerous nominations and accolades throughout its short run, garnering 30 Primetime Emmy Awards thus far. If you liked the dark comedy in The Flight Attendant and how fast-paced each episode felt, then you’ll definitely like Barry, which is an easy show to binge in one sitting.

Barry is now streaming on HBO Max and HBO Now.

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