Equinox Season 2: Is the Danish thriller returning for more?

Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix
Equinox -- Photo Credit: Tine Harden/Netflix /

Will Netflix order Equinox Season 2?

Equinox is the latest captivating Netflix thriller, with many favorably comparing the show to Dark. The Danish series follows a woman searching for her sister after she mysteriously disappeared alongside 21 other students on her graduation night years ago. While the first season answers the biggest questions, it’s possible that we could see Equinox Season 2.

If Netflix renews the Danish show for another season, we probably won’t see it debut onto the streaming service until late 2021 or early 2022. I’m not sure what another season of this show would be about, [WARNING: SPOILERS] as the ending of the first season sees Astrid sacrificing herself to the Hare King, freeing the grad students and going to the afterlife/alternate world with her sister. It doesn’t leave much wiggle room for a new story.

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It might be interesting for Equinox Season 2 to follow up on Astrid’s daughter, Vera. I previously wondered if the Hare King would return after the next 21-year cycle to claim Vera, as she is technically “Ostara’s” daughter. But that might be repetitive, as Vera’s storyline would follow similar story beats to Astrid’s hunt for Ida.

The best way to continue the show would probably be to make it an anthology and focus on a new equinox-related folk tale or fable of some sort.

Do we need Equinox Season 2?

I liked Equinox a lot. It was a moving, compelling first season that went in an interesting direction. But I’m not sure the series needs another season. It functions just fine as a limited series, in my opinion. The six episodes tell a complete story with a firm beginning, middle and end. I’m not sure that the second season could add anything else to the story without beating a dead horse.

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Do you think we need Equinox Season 2? Or is it better as a one-off? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The first season of Equinox is now available on Netflix.