What time will Perfect Life start streaming on HBO Max?

Perfect Life - Photo credit: Courtesy of HBO Max / © Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, S.L.U., 2019
Perfect Life - Photo credit: Courtesy of HBO Max / © Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, S.L.U., 2019 /

What time can you start watching Perfect Life on HBO Max?

HBO Max recently acquired the Spanish-language original series Perfect Life (Vida Perfecta) and it is set to make its premiere on the streaming service tomorrow, Jan. 21. The streaming service is also teaming up with Telefónica’s local streamer Moviestar+ to co-produce a second season of the series.

While Perfect Life has yet to make its stateside debut, the series has already received several accolades during its original run. It was crowned Best Series at the Canneseries Festival alongside additional nominations.

So, when will you officially be able to start your binge-watch? Typically, HBO Max originals and other titles drop on the streaming service at 12:01 a.m. PT/3:01 a.m. ET.

What is the show about?

Perfect Life will follow a group of young women, Maria, Cristina, and Esther, as they start to realize the plans they had made for themselves aren’t happening the way they had intended and they might need to start coming up with alternative options.

Per the official synopsis:

"When a young woman’s life begins to slip into disarray, her sister and best friend come to her rescue."

How many episodes are there in Perfect Life?

There are eight episodes in total of the new Spanish-language series. It’s not clear how long each episode is, but usually, comedies of this nature are around 30 minutes or less. HBO Max is dropping all eight episodes at one time.

How can you get access to HBO Max?

HBO Max costs $14.99/monthly, or you can take advantage of their limited-time offer to save over 20% for 6 months when you prepay $69.99, plus applicable tax, for the year. The offer is only until March 1, 2021.

For those who subscribe to streaming television services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling TV, etc., or Amazon Prime Video, you can purchase HBO as an add-on channel. Most HBO Max providers no longer offer free trials, unfortunately.

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Tune in to all eight episodes of Perfect Life tomorrow, Jan. 21 on HBO Max.