Curon Season 1 recap: Episode 5, The Curse

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /

Episode 5 of the Netflix series Curon greets us with a special surprise: Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello) is back, telling her kids, Daria (Margherita Morchio) and Mauro (Federico Russo), that she merely got lost. However, Mauro isn’t buying it and thinks she’s a doppelganger. Her return does change another thing: Now, Albert Asper (Alessandro Tedeschi) can no longer be under suspicion of Anna’s murder or kidnapping if she’s alive and well and not accusing him of anything. That doesn’t mean Albert’s kids, Giulio (Alessandro Tedeschi) and Micki (Juju Di Domenico), won’t remain cold and distant to him, however.

How does Albert explain the blood in the cabin? He says he poaches animals there to make extra money, which is definitely a questionable side gig. Meanwhile, Micki thanks Mauro for saving her from the Lukas doppelganger, but she’s not quite out of the woods yet. In little time at all, the Lukas doppelganger (Luca Castellano) stalks her in the girl’s bathroom at school, explaining he was drunk when he threatened her before. His apparent sobriety now doesn’t prevent him from getting creepy with her again, but she flees his advances.

Curon: The freeing of the wolves?

The drama doesn’t end with one doppelganger, of course. Klara Asper (Anna Ferzetti) warns Anna Raina to leave Albert alone, but we slowly gain reason to suspect Anna isn’t really Anna. For example, Anna actually tries to free a wolf belonging to her father, Thomas (Luca Lionello), but the wolf actually stays in its cage.

Any doubts she’s a doppelganger are dispelled after Anna feeds Mauro food with hazelnut ingredients — he has a strong hazelnut allergy. Still, a new question emerges: Why would the real Anna encourage the fake one to serve him that? Sure, it helps demonstrate that she may be an imposter, but why risk Mauro’s life to send that message? Shortly after this poisoning drama, the doppelganger Anna meets up with the real one, and she isn’t very happy about the trick she pulled.

The curse of Curon

At this point, Curon remains mysterious and puzzling, but several questions are soon half-answered. We learn that, yes, Thomas did keep the other Anna locked in the attic, so Mauro didn’t just have some vivid hallucinations. In another scene, the imposter Anna seduced and then shoots Pietro (Giulio Cristini), Daria and Mauro’s pathetic father. While the real Anna wasn’t a fan of Pietro, there’s been no indication she would have done such a thing.

This is when Grandpa Thomas really unveils the plot, telling Daria and Mauro about the doppelganger curse, including the strange details about headaches and hearing bells. He tells them plainly: “It wants to live the life you wouldn’t let it live,” and refers to it as the curse of Curon. Much of it seems to tap into jealousies, too. As we next see Klara is tempted to shoot doppelganger Anna, who she spies kissing Albert.

New doppelgangers?

As Episode 5 of Curon winds down, we learn that Klara now has a headache, which appears to be a sign of the Curon curse (whatever that is). We also hear about Albert’s freaky dream, in which he slices off his fingers and serves them to Klara. Meanwhile, Micki tells Giulio about Lukas’s attack and how Mauro protected her, which prompts the brother and sister duo to track down the offending Lukas. Also, a dog named Atlas runs out into the woods and locates the real Lukas body, further confirming that, yes, something extremely fishy is going on.

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