Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Nathan makes a public declaration

Haley Sanchez in Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 3 - Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max
Haley Sanchez in Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 3 - Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max /

Delilah’s future pregnancy saga continues in the opening scene of Generation Episode 3. Naomi has since called Arianna for reinforcements, and she comes armed with an inflatable kiddie pool for Delilah to have her baby in, somehow.

Also, at some point between the past and the present, Delilah and Arianna have become a couple. Arianna is now a full-blown lesbian. Before we can find out who the father of Delilah’s baby is, the episode rewinds to ten weeks earlier.

Greta is excited and nervous because Riley has invited her to get high and hang out at a local aquarium. Anticipating a potential date, Ana helps Greta get all dolled up for the occasion. She’s slightly dismayed to find that Riley has also invited Chester along.

We find out that Riley has a thing with her former classmate Pablo (he still attends the private school Riley was expelled from), an aquarium employee. He’s happy to let the three teens smoke weed and stare at the fish. For Greta, it’s her first official time getting high. She’s upset when she sees Riley sneak off to hook up with Pablo, and Chester appears to notice the way Greta looks at the other girl.

Later, Greta and Riley meet up in the bathroom. Greta finds out why Riley got kicked out of her old school. She photographed several guys mid-orgasm for an art project. Riley tells Greta she thinks sex is about “power and dopamine” and little else. It explains why she tells Pablo to “open his eyes” and look at her as she gives him a handjob to completion. “I forget how weird you are,” he comments.

It seems like a moment passes between Greta and Riley, and then we skip ahead to the girls rejoining Chester at the fish tanks. Riley suddenly has a craving for sushi, and she knows where they can get a lot of it for free.

Generation Episode 3
Chloe East and Uly Schlesinger in Generation Episode 3 – Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max /

Generation Episode 3 recap: Nathan makes a public apology to Naomi

It’s a big weekend for Naomi, Nathan and their family as their sister, Natalia, is getting married. The rehearsal dinner is held on a fancy yacht called The Seaman, and the caterers are serving unlimited sushi.

Naomi is furious with her brother for hooking up with Jack, and the two haven’t been speaking for several weeks now, to the point that even their mom has noticed the tension between them. No matter how many times Nathan apologizes, Naomi isn’t willing to forgive him.

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Upset at being ostracized by his sister, Nathan hits up Arianna for weed. Here we see a renewed interaction between Arianna and Delilah. This scene is where we first see the signs of Delilah’s pregnancy, as she’s found sobbing over a plate of sushi. “I’m constantly craving raw fish!”

The episode doesn’t linger long on their interaction, though, as Nathan and Ariana move to a secluded corner to shotgun weed and then subsequently kiss. Arianna makes a comment about him not giving off “gay vibes” after all, and Nathan gets pissed that Naomi would say that to her. He confronts her about it and tries to make his sister understand how apologetic he is about the thing with Jack but to no avail.

Generation Episode 3
Martha Plimpton in Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 3 – Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max /

When it comes time for Naomi and Nathan to make toasts to Natalia, Naomi fills hers with barbs at her brother and what it means to be a “great sibling.” Nathan, high on weed, steps up to the mic next and lets his emotions take over.

He winds up admitting to hooking up with his sister’s boyfriend and expressing his bisexuality to the entire horrified group of spectators (remember, their family is extremely conservative, and also, it is a wedding rehearsal). The only person who appreciates Nathan’s candor is Chester, who has since arrived at the rehearsal with Riley and Greta in tow.

Mortified, Nathan immediately tries to jump overboard, but his dad (played by Sam Trammel) tries to stop him. Then Natalia lays into her brother about “ruining her wedding,” and Naomi agrees that he’s messed everything up, but on the plus side, she forgives him now! And on that note, Nathan successfully jumps over the side of the yacht and plummets into the ocean. He lets himself sink, not unlike what Riley did in the previous episode, until Chester (a star water polo player) swims toward him and comes to his rescue.

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