Lucy Hale to star in grisly thriller series Ragdoll for AMC

Lucy Hale has nabbed her latest starring role, and it’s a lot different from her previous television projects. Next up for the former Pretty Little Liars actress is the lead in AMC’s upcoming serial killer drama Ragdoll, reports Variety.

If the title sounds familiars, you might have read the novel of the same name by Daniel Cole, on which the series is based. Ragdoll is about a killer who murders six people and then dismembers them and sews them together “into the shape of one grotesque body,” which gets dubbed the “Ragdoll.”

Hale will portray DC Lake Edmunds a new recruit to the unit that works alongside DS Nathan Rose and his best friend/boss DI Emily Baxter. Thus far, Hale is the only big name attached to the series, it doesn’t appear that the other roles have been cast just yet.

Throughout the course of the six-episode series, the “Ragdoll Killer” will continues to taunt the police by sending out lists of his planned victims. Rose will become a target.

The investigators will be in a race against the killer to stop him before he can kill anyone else, while simultaneously juggling public scrutiny and fear from locals who fear the monstrous predator lurking in their community.

When will Ragdoll premiere on AMC?

According to the publication, Ragdoll is expected to debut later this year. Filming is scheduled to start this spring. If everything stays on track and doesn’t get disrupted by the pandemic, then we could see Season 1 premiere during the regular fall television season, or early winter.

Hale’s casting signals a much darker turn for the actress, who, up until now, has mostly starred in lighthearted fare like Privileged, Katy Keene and Life Sentence. Pretty Little Liars regularly veered into suspenseful thriller territory and Hale also starred in horror films Fantasy Island and Truth or Dare, but her new project sounds like her creepiest one yet!

What do you think about the plot of Ragdoll? Do you like Lucy Hale’s casting? Will you watch the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.