Disenchantment Part 3, episode 2 recap: You’re the Bean

DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Eric André as Luci, Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in episode 8 of DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020
DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Eric André as Luci, Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in episode 8 of DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 /

Episode 302 of Netflix series Disenchantment basically picks up with King Zøg (John DiMaggio) in the pauper’s graveyard, courtesy of a sinister scheme by Odval (Maurice LaMarche) and the Arch Druidess (Tress MacNeille). With Zøg stuck in the coffin, seemingly ready to be buried alive, he wonders if his fate is finally sealed. It is, without a doubt, one of the darkest moments in Disenchantment so far. However, it’s not like Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) is doing much better.

After accurately being accused of shooting her dad, King Zøg, she has been awkwardly reacquainted with her disgraced mother, Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan). This was after Bean was nearly burned at the stake by angry townspeople and meeting a crazy colony of undergrounders called Trøgs. Bean also happened to see Dagmar eating a Trøg brain, which would be enough to give most people (or cartoon characters) the absolute heebie-jeebies. To make matters worse, Dagmar puts Bean in a dungeon, which is hardly a happy home.

Disenchantment character callback: Leavo is found-o!

In case you were wondering what happened to Leavo the pirate elf (Maurice LaMarche), he quite unceremoniously returns in this episode, having been chained to a dungeon wall by Dagmar. It may not be a triumphant return, but he does get a chance to quip that, “If you want help, you should have found Help-o. Oh wait, he died trying to help me.” Leavo gets left behind but, on the bright side, Elfo (Nat Faxon) seems to still be on good terms with Trixy the Trøg (Lauren Tom).

Interestingly, Odval and the Arch Druidess have replaced Zøg with an imposter (specifically, a walrus), perhaps as an odd comfort for themselves as much as any manipulative ploy. Semi-King Derek (MacNeille), snooping around, finds a book left by Zøg hidden under his bed’. Called “The Royal Log, From Agogg to Zøg,” it’s purported to be a history of the kings of Dreamland. While one might object to the merits of Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, it’s still a somewhat comforting scene for Disenchantment, and further humanizes the character of
King Zøg, to be relating some traditional knowledge to his son.

Thwarting Dagmar (sort of)

Back in the Trøg’s realm, the trio of Princess Bean, Elfo, and Luci (Eric Andre) sneak into dagmar’s room. Unexpectedly, there’s a bit of a sexy massage scene when, as a method to distract attention, Elfo masses Dagmar. At first, it seems he was mistaken for someone else named “Caresso,” but it’s later revealed she knew it was him the whole time (her apparent sleepiness makes it seem she may have been half-aware, and might not have fully understood the ramifications of his being there). As another surprise, some Trøgs accidentally rescue King Zøg from his premature burial before Odval’s sinister plot can be fully realized.

Running low on apparent escape options, Bean impersonates Dagmar to fool the Trøgs, who seem to owe Dagmar a special loyalty (or are under a spell). It’s not the greatest impersonation (she even says “How doth it go with y’all”), and there’s ultimately a showdown between Dagmar and Bean over who the real Dagmar is. In a bittersweet victory, Bean convinces them that she’s the real Dagmar after saying the words “I never loved you.” Also, through a fluke, the Trøgs see a symbol in their aggregate mirror reflection, convincing them that the girl, elf, and demon are somehow saviors (ultimately meaning they are now free to leave).

Bean gives Dagmar back her crown as queen of lies, which helps Dagmar disappear before facing any accountability. Then, this Disenchantment episode closes out with Odval and the Arch Druidess seeing Bean return. Obviously, they had intended to burn Bean at the stake and, presumably, much of the Kingdom of Dreamland still sees her as a traitor. To complicate matters, she actually did accidentally shoot her dad. Obviously, Odval’s plan is in renewed jeopardy, especially with King Zøg in her company.

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