How to watch Made for Love tonight

Made for Love Episode 4 - Courtesy of John P. Johnson / HBO Max
Made for Love Episode 4 - Courtesy of John P. Johnson / HBO Max /

Three new episodes of the dark comedy series Made for Love are dropping tonight on HBO Max!

When we last left off with the series, Hazel and Byron seemed to arrive at a tenuous understanding. Hazel made it clear that she no longer wants anything to do with her husband and Byron returned to the hub.

But Hazel still has a chip embedded in her head, which means things aren’t over yet. Based on the trailer for the next batch of episodes, Byron remains determined to win Hazel back.

To do that, he plans on making some improvements to the hub, including adding a smell cube, since Hazel mentioned wanting to be able to smell things at home.

That said, Byron is getting desperate and if Hazel doesn’t come back to him, he threatens to synchronize with her. That would mean the two would be on the same mental wavelength, and Hazel wouldn’t be able to escape.

We also know previous tests said if the sync happens, one person will die. Is the tech ready to be taken to this level?

Meanwhile, Hazel will continue living with her father and she’ll need to find a way to make some money if she hopes to go through with what will undoubtedly be a pricey divorce. Luckily, Herb has a lawyer friend (played by Jon Daly) who might be able to assist.

How can you watch the new episodes of Made for Love?

Made for Love Episodes 4-6 will drop on HBO Max at 3:00 a.m. EST. You’ll need a paid subscription to gain access to these episodes, or you can purchase the HBO add-on from other services like YouTube TV, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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