Made for Love Season 1, Episode 5 recap: I Want a Lawyer

Caleb Foote, Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 5 - Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO Max
Caleb Foote, Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 5 - Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 5 changes things up a little bit by starting with the focus on Herb. He wakes alone in bed. Bangles and Hazel drank late into the night and Diane joined them for their girl’s night.

The next plan of action is for Hazel to meet with a local lawyer named Biff, who is supposedly fantastic at his job. Considering Byron once sued the U.S. government and won, Hazel isn’t optimistic.

Speaking of Byron, he’s trying to relax in his creepy sensory cocoon but struggling to do so because he’s watching Hazel via his VR headset. Elsewhere in the hub, Fiffany visits the security cube and manipulates the receptionist Remy (Matty Cardarople) (and subsequently knocks him unconscious while using his body to manipulate the various bio-scanners) to gain access inside the tanks containing various dolphin test subjects.

Fiffany has discovered that Zelda was unhappy because she knew Byron had implanted the chip in Hazel. After assuring her that Hazel is okay, she promises to get Zelda out.

Made for Love Episode 5
Jon Daly in Made for Love Episode 5 – Photograph by Ali Paige Goldstein/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 5 recap: Byron thwarts Hazel’s search for a lawyer

Hazel and Herb meet with Biff (Jon Daly) at a local bowling alley and Byron watches helplessly from the cube. He’s growing increasingly frustrated with Hazel’s desire to get divorced, but Bennett coaxes him to get back to business as they need him for a product pitch.

Outside of the hub, Fiffany goes to meet with Herringbone at a secret location. We see a flashback to the early days of the chip’s development not long after she implanted it successfully in Zelda. Fiffany’s goals for the chip were far more altruistic. She wanted to find a way to communicate with different species. Then Byron decided it would be the perfect chip for love, it was Made for Love.

Back to the present, Fiffany slips into her white van as several black SUVs pull alongside her. A man named Ignacio gets out to meet with Fiffany. “So you’ve finally seen the light.” “Byron Gogol is a scam artist and a snake.” Fiffany is now ready to sell this man the chip to get it out of Byron’s hands.

She admits to Ignacio that she’s close to achieving full communication with Zelda. They come to an agreement.

At the bowling alley, Biff is apprehensive about taking Hazel on as a client because he doesn’t see the divorce going her way based on her description of what sounds like an ideal life. Even when she tells him that she has a surveillance chip in his brain, Biff doesn’t believe her. Then Herb lets it slip that it’s Byron Gogol who Hazel is trying to divorce and suddenly Biff’s interest is piqued.

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While watching the meeting between Biff and Hazel, Byron grows more frustrated and can’t pay attention to the product meeting (to fire-proof his gadgets with a special chemical coating).

It’s not great news for Hazel. Biff tells her she has the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket in her brain, worth almost $1 billion it’s a valuable asset. It’s proof of physical assault. But if Hazel wants to win, she’s going to have to keep it in her brain for as long as it takes to end this divorce, which could drag out for years.

“If I had known it had been like this, I would have stayed at the bottom of the pool,” Hazel murmurs. Herb hears her say this and I wonder if it’ll come back later. Will he be concerned his daughter was suicidal?

Before Biff and Hazel can go any further, Byron hijacks the meeting and broadcasts blackmail all over the bowling alley computer screens. The lawyer then accepts a call from Bennett and Biff immediately walks out, I think it’s safe to say Biff isn’t going to work out.

But it wasn’t just Herb who heard Hazel’s depressing admission that she’d rather be dead, Byron did too. And now he thinks the only step he can take is to merge with her and make her happy again.

Made for Love Episode 5
Noma Dumezweni in Made for Love Episode 5 – Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 5 recap: Fiffany & Herringbone plan to rescue Hazel and retrieve the chip

Fiffany finds Herringbone living in a nomadic campground. His identity has been entirely wiped, it’s like he doesn’t exist anymore. Byron completely screwed him over. Hazel has Fiffany and Herringbone on her side, though, as they conspire to shut down Hazel’s feed long enough for Fiffany to take the chip out of her head. Fiffany tells Herringbone that Ignacio (WHO IS HER EX-HUSBAND) is going to buy the chip.

Just then, Bennett sends Fiffany a warning text that Byron is about to start the merge, so they’ve got to get a move on to grab Hazel and the chip.

When they leave the bowling alley, Herb points out the help wanted sign. He asks Hazel about the pool comment. She explains that she thought if she escaped, she could start her life over and Herb tells her that’s not a real thing. Instead, she needs to focus on moving forward. This might not be the life she was running to, but it’s what she’s got right now.

On Hazel’s walk home, she hears a sudden high-pitched sound and zapping in her brain as Byron gets his own chip implanted miles away. Just as Hazel passes out, Herringbone and Fiffany pull up to retrieve her.

“We’re too late.” “They’re merged. Let’s get the chip then.”

And as they put Hazel in the van, Byron wakes up looking ecstatic.

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