Made for Love Season 1, Episode 6 recap: I Want You to Give a F*** About Me

"Diane" in Made for Love Episode 6 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max
"Diane" in Made for Love Episode 6 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 6 opens with Hazel on a beach with Byron. When we last left off, Byron appeared to merge with Hazel. This opening presents Byron on a beach in the hub as he tries to bribe Hazel for forgiveness with donut holes. But even the tech version of Hazel tells him that donut holes aren’t enough to make her come back to him.

Outside of the hub, Herringbone and Fiffany are about to start surgically removing Hazel’s chip when she suddenly jolts awake. She’s not dead! It means Byron must have reconsidered merging. Fiffany explains that they only have a brief window to remove the chip as Herringbone has disrupted the chip to prevent Byron from seeing her, at least temporarily.

Hazel tells Fiffany that she doesn’t want the chip out anymore. Then she accuses Fiffany and Herringbone of being just like Byron because they were about to take the chip out without her consent, just like Fiffany did to Zelda. Fiffany is bothered by what Hazel says and decides to let her loose, even though Herringbone notes the chip is the only way they can get free from Byron (by selling it to Ignacio). They abandon her in the desert.

Made for Love Episode 6 recap: Byron comes up with a new plan to appeal to Hazel

Back on the hub beach with Byron and Bennett, Byron has an epiphany. He didn’t merge because he realizes the Hazel that has been in the hub all these years was fake, just like this holographic variation in front of him. “Now she’s real Hazel, in the real world. I need to prepare myself to meet her out there, where it will make a difference.”

Byron demands Bennett crank the hologram up to 10, “MAKE IT FEEL REAL.” Immediately Byron is overwhelmed with stimulus as beachgoers flood the once-private area, kicking up sand, letting their dogs run amuck and fundamentally ruining his moment with Hazel.

Fiffany decides she needs to forge her own path. She’s done helping men. That means giving Herringbone some money and dropping him off at the hospital to get his fingers fixed while she returns to the hub. There, Fiffany plans to ensure Zelda’s transfer is complete and then hand Byron her resignation letter.

Made for Love Episode 6
Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano in Made for Love Episode 6 – Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 6 recap: Hazel and Herb work through their issues together.

Hazel returns home, and she’s shocked that Herb is just asleep in bed with Diane. Hazel and her dad separated earlier that day at 1:00 p.m., and now it’s the middle of the night. She thought Herb would be worried about her, but he doesn’t appear to care. “I’ve always been an afterthought to you.”

They start arguing about how Herb stopped being a parent to her after her mom died over ten years ago. Hazel berates him for treating the doll much better than he ever treated her.

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Their fight comes to a head when Hazel tries to yank the doll out of bed, and Herb shoves her away. Herb admits that he didn’t think he would ever see her again. “Have you ever asked yourself why your daughter was so willing to run away with a sociopath forever?”

The next morning, Hazel wakes up to discover Herb has called in reinforcements from a nun. Herb reasons that if they want to figure out a new path forward, they need to operate outside of the system Byron understands, but Hazel can’t lay eyes on the nun, to keep her identity safe. For now, the nun tells Hazel she can call her Judiff (Kym Whitley).

Made for Love Episode 6 recap: Byron puts Fiffany out to pasture (literally)

As for Fiffany, she tries to resign from Byron, and it seems to go well. He tells her he’ll miss her and then takes the sensor implant out of her finger. When it starts bleeding, Byron tells her he’ll get her a bandage and then double-crosses Fiffany. Now she’s left trapped inside the office. “I never thought I would have to put you in the pasture cube.”

Yep, Byron goes all evil on Fiffany and sends her out to pasture –– literally, it’s a vast empty pasture.

Bennett thinks Byron is doing it as a temporary punishment, but Byron tells him not to let her out –– ever. Meanwhile, he’s planning to go offline and leave the cube to meet Hazel on real-world turf.

Made for Love Episode 6
Kym Whitley in Made for Love Episode 6 – Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 6 recap: Judiff goes to work for Hazel

Judiff and Hazel start chatting with a fake wall between them. Judiff tells Hazel that she became a nun and joined the church to expose its crimes. Despite Hazel’s fears, Judiff isn’t afraid of Byron Gogol. Judiff tells her that all that matters is Byron abused her by putting that chip in her head. That’s all she needs to know. “He doesn’t get to be God.”

Hazel thinks that Byron will scare Judiff off just like all of the others. But Judiff isn’t afraid of Byron Gogol, and she asks Hazel to give her permission to act on her behalf. Since Byron is in her head, they can’t see or speak to each other again. Hazel needs to go about her life as normal while Judiff takes care of things.

After a few moments, Judiff excuses herself to go to the bathroom and while there, she steals some pills. What are her plans for those? Before returning to the living room, Judiff stops by the bedroom and notices Diane. Herb told her that Diane was away in Reno at a conference, obviously leaving out the sex doll detail. Judiff decides to let Herb retain his story instead of mentioning she saw the doll.

Judiff excuses herself, telling Hazel that she’ll either never see her again, or they’ll meet once more when all of this is over.

Made for Love Episode 6
Cristin Milioti, Ray Romano in Made for Love Episode 6 – Photograph by John P. Johnson/HBO Max /

Made for Love Episode 6 recap: Hazel and Herb visit her mom’s gravesite

With Judiff gone, now Hazel has to figure out how to live her life as normal as the nun suggested. She doesn’t know what that looks like anymore, so Herb advises her to do something that she used to do when she was younger. Hazel takes Herb to the graveyard where her mom is buried. Except, her mom isn’t buried there anymore. Herb sold her plot because the city needed land to build nicer graves, and he needed the money. Now the spot her mom used to be is a gravestone for ol’ Scooby “Dirtdog” Martine.”

Hazel tells him that what she used to do is go to her mom’s gravesite with her mom’s favorite beer. Herb joins her. “I don’t need the ceremony of talking to a rock. I talk to her plenty.”

It seems like Hazel and Herb start to make some headway in their relationship as they talk about Hazel’s mother. They both admit they were really lonely when she died, and it was worse for Herb when Hazel left. “I wasn’t there for you, and I know that I’m not always going to be. But it doesn’t mean I don’t care.”

The final moment of Made for Love Episode 6 is a funny, charming moment where Herb asks Hazel how she thinks “Dirtdog” died. “Doing what he loved, getting his d*ck wet.” “Oh, Hazel, come on.” “That’s what it says.” Indeed it does on a plaque at the bottom.

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