Perry Mason Season 2: Is Tatiana Maslany returning?

Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

Tatiana Maslany star played a pivotal role in the first season of HBO’s Perry Mason remake, but don’t expect her to return as Sister Alice for Perry Mason Season 2.

According to a new exclusive from TVLine, Maslany isn’t coming back because her arc officially ended with the Season 1 finale. The news comes straight from a rep at HBO.

When the first season wrapped last August, Maslany indicated that Sister Alice would potentially return. At the time, she told Collider that the end of the first season was merely the character’s “first chapter.”

She went on to say that now that Alice was finally free of the church, she has a chance to start over. But it looks like things have changed since then.

Susan Downey, the executive producer of Perry Mason, also said that the season finale was meant to leave the door open for her return.

Perry Mason Season 2: Tatiana Maslany is busy with She-Hulk

Despite Downey and Maslany’s comments, it was never confirmed that the actress would officially return for Perry Mason Season 2. And now it seems the opposite is true.

The reason appears to be predominantly because she signed on to star in the title role of the upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk. The production is likely to overlap with Perry Mason‘s.

With Sister Alice out of the picture, the second season is expected to welcome new characters and some of the existing Season 1 characters will get more substantial screentime in the next batch of episodes. TVLine noted that Eric Lange’s Detective Holcomb and Justin Kirk’s Hamilton Berger were both promoted to series regulars for the sophomore season.

As for when Perry Mason Season 2 will premiere, it’s hard to say right now. The pandemic appears to have delayed production so it’s not yet clear if it will debut this summer.

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