When does Elite Season 4 premiere on Netflix?

Elite season 2 - Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes
Elite season 2 - Credit: Manuel Fernandez-Valdes /

It’s back to school at Las Encinas! Elite Season 4 has a premiere date, along with a first look at some of the new characters, and even some brief hints at potential conflicts in the upcoming season.

The announcement was made on the hit Spanish-language Netflix show’s official Twitter account. TVLine also confirmed the news in an official report.

Early in 2020, it was announced that Elite Season 4 had been greenlit, although there was no confirmation about a premiere date. With the pandemic raging on, it looked like the next instalment would take some time coming.

But the show has beaten the odds to deliver a fourth season sooner than expected. According to the Twitter announcement, the series returns to screens on June 18, 2021.

The Twitter announcement also shared stills from the season, giving fans their first glimpses at the new and returning characters.

Elite Season 4: What’s Happening this Season?

By the end of the previous season of Elite, half the cast of characters had moved on to greener pastures. Elite Season 4 will follow the remaining students at Las Encinas.We can assume that Samuel Garcia (Itzan Escamilla) will still be in the lead, alongside Samuel’s one-time rival, Guzmán Nunier (Miguel Bernardeau).

Guzmán’s oldest friend, Ander Munoz (Arón Piper), as well as Ander’s boyfriend, Omar Shanaa (Omar Ayuso), return, as well. We hope that their up-and-down relationship will be steadier this season, but this is Elite, so don’t hold your breath.

As do, Samuel’s sometimes-love-interest, Rebeca de Bormujo (Claudia Salas), and Cayetana Grajera (Georgina Amorós), the school janitor who dreams of a better life.

Elite Season 4
Elite — Courtesy of Netflix /

Joining them will be three new characters played by Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, and Manu Rios, who will appear as siblings, according to the official description for Elite Season 4. They will be joined by another student played by Pol Granch.

It seems that these new students will throw a spanner in the works for the existing relationships among the returning characters.

The new trio’s father will be taking on the role of director of Las Encinas. He will be played by Diego Martín. With a change of management, we can expect that students at Las Encinas will have to deal with new kinds of rules.

Some of the Elite Season 4 stills released seem to suggest that the returning students might be protesting conditions at the school. It also looks like Samuel will be taking a more active part in school debates. He’s been the shy one so far—it’ll be good to see him come out of his shell.

It also looks like there might be a new love interest for Cayetana. Having lost one of her previous partners, Polo, in a horrible accident, it will be great to see Cayetana put the pieces of her life back together.

The promo video also seems to suggest which of the new characters may be responsible for breaking up the existing band. But we’ll have to wait to watch the show to confirm our suspicions.


We also get the sense that there’s going to be a new murder mystery to solve in Elite Season 4. Each season has revolved around a mystery of some kind, be it murders, accidents, or disappearances. The writing has got tighter with each instalment so fans will be excited for what comes next.

Since the show has also been confirmed for a fifth season, we can assume that Elite Season 4 will be spreading its wings and allowing the characters plenty of room to grow. June 18 can’t get here fast enough for fans.

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Elite Season 4 will be streaming on Netflix from June 18, 2021.