Made for Love ending explained: Does Hazel return to the hub?

Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 8 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max
Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 8 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

And that’s a wrap on Made for Love Season 1. I have to say, I was not counting on Made for Love ending that way, and I’m pretty shocked by the finale now that it’s all said and done!

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Made for Love ending, don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the newest episodes yet!

After everything Hazel has been through with Byron, the two agree to meet up somewhere public, off the beaten path, to sign the divorce papers. They go to breakfast at the Sunrise Diner and, true to his word. Byron does indeed sign the papers, but there’s a twist.

Made for Love ending: Does Hazel return to the hub?

Bryon learned the truth about Herb’s pancreatic cancer. According to his medical records, Herb probably only has one year left to live. The only way to save him is for Hazel to return to the hub and let Byron treat him with his crazy technology and gadgets.

At first, it seems like Hazel doesn’t believe Byron and blows him off, signing the papers and settling into a normal existence with her dad. They share a beer to celebrate the end of her marriage and enjoy pancakes together the next morning.

But in the final moments of the episode, Hazel goes for a walk, and the moment she steps outside, that’s when we see it –– the telltale glitch in one of the hub’s familiar panels. Yes, Hazel and now Herb are back in the hub.

The episode flashes back to Hazel and Byron’s diner meeting. Byron slipped Hazel a small vial of sedative to slip her dad if she changed her mind. She put it in his celebratory beer, and once Herb fell asleep, Byron’s men swept in and took the whole trailer park, carefully reassembling it in the hub.

It looks like the plan is to keep Herb in the dark of what’s really going on while Byron treats him for his cancer. In the meantime, Hazel will be forced to try and give things another shot with Byron. It’s not exactly a happy ending.

Made for Love ending
Kym Whitley in Made for Love Episode 8 – Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

Made for Love ending: Can Judiff save Hazel & Herb?

The only bright spot in all of this is that Byron is still in the dark on Judiff’s involvement, at least as far as we know. She figures out that Hazel did something stealthy while listening to the bugs she placed inside Herb’s house. But by the time Judiff rushes over to Herb’s, everything is already gone if the series gets renewed for another season (which, it better!), then I feel like Judiff will have a significant role to play.

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