Mythic Quest: Everlight recap: This show is the gift that keeps giving

Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim in “Everlight,” a special episode of Mythic Quest premiering April 16 on Apple TV+.
Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim in “Everlight,” a special episode of Mythic Quest premiering April 16 on Apple TV+. /

Mythic Quest is a gem that keeps on giving and if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out. Like Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest is another excellent Apple TV+ Original with lots of charm and heart. The latest special episode, “Everlight,” is yet another example of how great this series truly is.

After the touching “Quarantine” episode, the gang returns for their annual Everlight celebration. Everlight is basically a wide-scale LARPing festival set around a story written by Ian (and narrated by Anthony Hopkins in a gorgeously animated opening sequence).

Everlight’s main event is a tournament. Each year one of the employees is made champion after defeated all of the other competitors. Ian secretly rigs the fight to ensure an underdog wins every year so that it keeps morale high and gives the impression that anyone could win.

Ian claims it would be disappointing and dull if he, the king, or Poppy, the new queen (as she was promoted to partner with Ian at the end of Season 1, if you recall) were to win over one of the normal folk.

But Ian’s quest to find a new underdog comes to a screeching halt when Brad steps into the ring to play the part of the villain. Brad thinks Everlight is stupid and so he makes a deal with Poppy and Ian when they come to call on him to join the fight. If he wins, Everlight is done forever. They agree and then Brad defeats Ian’s chosen winner for the year, Dana! It looks like Everlight is doomed, or is it?

Mythic Quest
“Everlight,” a special episode of Mythic Quest premiering April 16 on Apple TV+. /

Mythic Quest recap: Ian and Poppy step up to save the day

Despite Ian’s misgivings about having a king or queen win, Poppy convinces him to fight alongside her to defeat Brad and save their LARP day. He agrees and what follows is an awesome fantasy fight sequence between the trio.

Brad, Poppy and Ian’s fight becomes something straight out of an epic film as their world is transformed into a mysterious forest complete with roaming frogs and fireflies. Even Brad transforms into the “Darkness” from the Everlight fable as Poppy and Brad fight him with all the well-crafted CGI you could want!

They defeat him, freeing the sword and the light from the tree stump and returning Everlight to its full glory. The final moments of the episode are a nice way to tie up the special and to remind us all that even when we’re facing dark times, the light will always follow.

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Mythic Quest returns with new episodes on May 7 only on Apple TV+.