Made for Love Season 2: 5 burning questions we need answered

Made for Love Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by John P. Johnson / HBO Max
Made for Love Season 1, Episode 1 - Photograph by John P. Johnson / HBO Max /
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Made for Love Season 2
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4. Made for Love Season 2: Will Herb find out what Hazel did?

Hazel used a sedative from Byron to drug her dad so he wouldn’t know about her plan. Once Herb fell asleep, Byron and his team swept in to take him and all of his belongings to the hub. There, the Gogol team meticulously set up a new cub to imitate Herb’s real home, hoping he would never learn the difference.

But when Hazel walks out of the cube, you can see a few panels flickering in the corner. She points that out to Byron to fix. Still, for drama and narrative’s sake, it seems inevitable that Herb will find out he’s in the hub at some point. How will he react when he does?

3. Made for Love Season 2: What’s the deal with Liver & Jay?

One of the weaker elements of the first season was introducing two characters that appeared like they might become potential love interests for Hazel. The first is the bartender credited as Liver on IMDb.

Liver shows up early, and Hazel is immediately attracted to him. She even uses him to get revenge on Byron in a weird, sexually charged moment where she tells him to masturbate in front of her. Afterward, it’s never mentioned again, and we don’t see Liver for the rest of the season. It just felt… weird. Surely the writers must have had some other plan for him? Maybe something got scrapped?

Then there’s Jay, who we don’t meet until the season finale. But Jay and Hazel immediately hit it off. It felt like maybe there would be some final moment between them, but Hazel leaves him mid-conversation at the bar, and then we don’t see him again. From a writing standpoint, it makes it look like the episode was unfinished.

Usually, you don’t introduce characters with legitimate roles to play and then make them vanish, especially in such a short timeframe. Compare it to, say, Jon Daly’s brief role as the lawyer. His ending made sense because he had one purpose, which was to demonstrate Byron’s willingness to blackmail and go the extra mile to make Hazel do what he wanted.

His story arc was short and complete, whereas Jay and Liver’s was left very open-ended, unsatisfactorily so. Will we see Liver or Jay again? Will Hazel get a new love interest? It would be great to see how Byron reacts to that. What about Bangles? Will she come back?