Curon Season 1, Episode 6 recap: The Wolves

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /

Episode 6 of Netflix series Curon begins with Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello) being kidnapped by her doppelganger. After crashing a vehicle into a tree, we see the imposter Anna interrogate the real woman about her kids, strongly suggesting she plans to take over her life. The real Anna says “I don’t talk to monsters,” but the other Anna does not seem very convinced. We then learn this is a flashback sequence, and see Mauro (Federico Russo) and Daria Raina (Margherita Morchio) bringing their doppelganger mom into the upstairs room.

Daria and Mauro lock the imposter mom in the room and ask where their real mother is. Meanwhile, Giulio (Alessandro Tedeschi) and Micki (Juju Di Domenico) are dealing with their own strange-acting mom, Klara Asper (Anna Ferzetti). Micki gets a gun, out of an understandable fear that Klara’s own doppelganger will be arriving soon. Given what Micki and others have seen with the Lukas doppelganger (Luca Castellano), it’s no great mystery why a sense of panic is setting in.

Curon and the doppelganger onslaught

We just mentioned the fake Lukas, so what’s going on with him? Well, Lukas’s dad, Matteo (Giuseppe Gandin), brings in Father Don Luigi, the Priest of Curon (Maximilian Dirr), to perhaps make sense of his “son’s” behavior. Though it’s a serious scene, there’s an odd bit of humor when, after the Priest tells fake-Lukas, “You’re a good son,” the double replies: “Thank you, Father, so are you.”

Then Curon gets back to Thomas Raina (Luca Lionello), who is now brandishing a rifle against Anna’s doppelganger, threatening her if she doesn’t reveal the location of the real Anna. To show he means business, he also threatens to drown the info out of her.
Meanwhile, Daria, Micki, Mauro, and Giulio head out to the “plain of the dead.” (Hey, every town needs one of those, right?)

Build the barricade

Klara and Albert Asper (Alessandro Tedeschi) barricade the doors to their home, waiting for her double to arrive. She soon does, armed with an ax, but Albert makes quick work of the conflict by slashing her throat. However, such an unromantic equation is further tainting when Albert confesses to Klara that he doesn’t love her and wants Anna back.

So, a little later on, Albert attacks Thomas and foolishly rescues the fake Anna (most likely believing it’s the real version, though it’s not entirely clear if he’d care about the difference, as he’s being driven largely by emotion).

As this is happening, we see that Micki’s in deep trouble in the woods. The fake Lukas shows up with gasoline and, despite being considerably outnumbered, ends up tying up Dria, Mauro, Giulio, and her! Micki tries to reason with Lukas, telling him they can all be friends like before, but he isn’t buying it. A lesser-known character named Berger (Salvatore De Santis) shows up to rescue them and gets promptly shot. However, before Berger dies, he comes back just long enough (and strong enough) to twist Lukas’s neck. Later, Daria awkwardly kisses Micki’s brother.

Returned from the dead

Though Curon seemed to suggest hope, this may be illusory when Klara’s double returns from the dead rather quickly (and ironically, as the real Klara cleans the blood off the floor). This, of course, suggests that Lukas might return as well. As the episode winds down, it appears that grandpa Thomas may be wolf food, as wolves come out to eat some recently slain bodies. It’s still not clear exactly how this process works, but it’s interesting to watch, right?

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