Manifest Season 3 Episode 7, Recap: Precious Cargo

MANIFEST -- "Precious Cargo" Episode 307 -- Pictured: Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers)
MANIFEST -- "Precious Cargo" Episode 307 -- Pictured: Holly Taylor as Angelina Meyer -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/Warner Brothers) /

In the previous episode of Manifest, we saw that the meth heads were all tried together by the callings. What does this mean for flight 828?

We are at Eureka. Dr. Gupta is interviewing Ben because Ben has given himself up for research since Pete has died.

But they get double the research as Eureka has Pete, Kory, and Jace’s bodies submerged in a liquid.

Michaela is at the precinct with Drea and Vasquez. Michaela is getting a calling. Everything is going blurry and when she goes to the window a huge black cloud of smoke is coming over the city. What could this mean?

Manifest Season 3 Episode 7: Where does the smoke lead?

Michaela leaves and goes toward it. She sees others come out of different places also looking up. Can they see it too?

Saanvi is looking at the meth heads blood samples. She notices that they have a similar marker in their blood. Like the 828 passengers.

Michaela follows the calling and people to a plant. She finds out that all of the people that were following the smoke are from 828. Eagan is there. It has brought them to Eureka and they see Ben leaving from afar.

Ben and Michaela are now in the garage. She is telling him about the calling and Eureka. She thinks the calling has to do with Ben and that they need to stop him.

Ben tells her about the testing and she is not happy. Ben thinks this is the only way to save them all because he believes they are all being tried together.

They are undecided on what to do when it comes to the callings and Eureka. As Michaela is driving away, her hands start to glow.

Ben is then greeted by 828 passages and their hands are glowing as well. They end up sedating Ben and taking him.

Cal and Angelina are cleaning up the cabin. She doesn’t want to come back to their house. Where will she go?

Michaela goes back to the house. She realizes that Ben is nowhere to be found and left food in the oven. She tries to call him, but his phone is there, as well.

Ben wakes up and is at someone’s home. He tries to leave but the door is locked. It is Eagan’s home.

Drea meets Michaela at the house. Michaela starts to explain everything that happened. They are going to go find Eagan.

Eagan tells Ben that he is following a calling and that he doesn’t trust him. He wants the truth about Eureka.

Ben admits to working with the NSA. He claims he is doing what is best for the passengers. Eagan doesn’t want to hear this. Ben then tells Eagan that they were all resurrected and that they need to work together.

Eagan wants to put an end to what is happening at the NSA. He says he saw something in the callings that Michaela missed.

MANIFEST — “Precious Cargo” Episode 307 — Pictured: Melissa Roxburgh as Michaela Stone — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC) /

Manifest Season 3 Episode 7: What did Michaela miss?

Saanvi is talking to Troy about her findings. She has found some chemicals on the tailfin and on Ben’s hand. She also has found sapphire on every returned person so far.

Ben is exploring where Eagan is keeping him. It is a speck home with fake books, but he finds a smart fridge. Will he be able to use this?

Cal and Grace are packing up and Cal is getting upset about everything. Angelina is looking at the picture of herself and Pete. She decides to burn it. As it’s burning, Olive stops her and puts out the fire.

As Ben is working on the fridge, Eagan and more 828 passengers come downstairs and rough him up. They zip tie him to a chair so that he can’t warn Eureka. Eagan wants to know more about the place and they have figured out that it has to do with the loading dock.

Ben’s fridge message manages to go through, but who is it to?

Michaela and Drea are at the precinct. Michaela is on edge. Then the fridge message gets sent to Michaela. Ben has registered the fridge to her email address.

Cal is shooting hoops outside when Grace asks him to come in. Cal ignores her and Grace yells at him to talk to her. He thinks that Grace is trying to erase Tarik. He is more upset because he thinks this is what she did when he went missing.

Manifest Season 3 Episode 7: Will Michaela find Ben?

Michaela and Drea are in the neighborhood but do not know which house is Eagan’s. They figure out that he must be in the demo home.

Dr. Gupta is talking to a group of people at Eureka. Saanvi barges in and tells everyone that they are all connected by sapphire. Dr. Gupta is less than pleased, but Vance finds it interesting.

Eagan is talking to Ben. Ben is trying to say that he believes Eagan and that he needs someone on the inside. He gets Eagan to cut the ties because he can hear Michaela coming in.

Ben wants to stop Michaela but she arrests Eagan anyway.

Grace and Cal have made it back home with Olive and Angelina.

We flash to Eureka. They are bringing something hazardous in. What is it?

Meanwhile, Eagan has been released from jail. Michaela, Drea, and Vasquez are talking about getting breakfast, but Vasquez has other plans.

Eagan meets Ben outside of the jail. He needs something from Eagan. He wants him to get control of his bunch of passengers.

Turns out Vasquez’s other plans are to go on a breakfast date with Sarah. How will Michaela feel about this?

Saanvi is packing up her things to leave Eureka when Dr. Gupta comes over and pulls her into another room. Dr. Gupta found sapphire on something else, something much older.

Now Ben can see the black smoke over Eureka, as well

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