5 best (and 3 worst) moments from the Friends reunion special

Friends: The Reunion. Image courtesy HBO Max
Friends: The Reunion. Image courtesy HBO Max /
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Friends reunion
Friends Reunion Special – Photography by Terence Patrick /

Best: Ross & Rachel’s real feelings

Host James Corden said it best himself when he asked the audience if this bombshell was “blowing anyone’s mind.” Jennifer Aniston and David revealed that not only did Ross and Rachel carry a torch for each other, but so did the actors!

Apparently, Jennifer and David were crushing hard on one another during the show’s early days, but they were like two ships passing in the night. They never got a chance to act on their feelings because they were always with other people at the time. At the Friends reunion, Jennifer admitted that she took David aside and said it was a shame their first real kiss would be on national television!

However, as Courteney Cox pointed out, it might have been a good thing that Ross and Rachel never happened off-screen. The cast had an amazing relationship and sense of camaraderie between them, and if something went sour between them, it could have changed everything.

Worst: Some of those cameos

It was sweet to see some random celebrities and fans from around the world talk about how much Friends meant to them, but overall, it felt pointless. I admittedly fast-forwarded through these bits because, frankly, I don’t care what David Beckham’s favorite episode of Friends is. That’s something that could have been shared separately on YouTube to promote the show.

I’d rather have cut all those clips in favor of more time spent with the cast (I mean, Corden only took one question from the audience who was there, and it gave us that hilarious Marcel anecdote, perhaps we could have gotten more of that!?). Reese Witherspoon’s input was about the only one worthwhile because she was actually on the show!

Even when Maggie Wheeler came on to talk about Janice, it was for the briefest of moments. Why not cut stuff from fans and unrelated celebrities in favor of giving the guest stars more time to chat with the cast? Plus, we already know how meaningful Friends is to people, we’ve been hearing it for years, and it’s why there was a reunion in the first place!

Best: The cast watches old bloopers

I think this might have been my favorite part of the entire Friends reunion. I’ve always loved watching the gag reels from my favorite shows, but it’s even better to see the cast react to those bloopers. Now I want more features like this for every show!