5 best (and 3 worst) moments from the Friends reunion special

Friends: The Reunion. Image courtesy HBO Max
Friends: The Reunion. Image courtesy HBO Max /
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Friends reunion
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Worst: The fashion show

That fashion show…just why? I mean, it was cute; I’ll give the producers that, but overall felt unnecessary. I would rather have listened to the cast talk about each costume and their experience with it than see Justin Bieber (?!) and Cara Delevingne modeling them on stage. Even having the cast do the fashion show would have been better!

Like the “Smelly Cat” thing, it felt like the producers wanted to make the reunion special into a segment on Corden’s late-night show, but all fans really want to see is the cast themselves and find out fun behind-the-scenes details. That’s why those pared-down Zoom reunions were so successful last year!

Best: All the moments of just the cast bonding

Overall, the absolute best moments of the Friends reunion special were the moments that felt most genuine and unfiltered, just the cast hanging out and talking about the show and the things they remembered most. It would have been nice to get even more of that.

Seeing them sitting together in Monica and Rachel’s apartment, discussing their favorite episodes and how they feel watching themselves in the show, and even doing the table reads was all the stuff I think most of us tuned in to watch. The rest just felt superfluous.

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The Friends reunion special is now streaming on HBO Max.