My Hero Academia Season 5 is the most popular superhero show in US

My Hero Academia has been asserting its dominance in the superhero genre for quite some time now, the anime series was the second most-watched series during the pandemic in the lockdown according to Parrot Analytics. And the anime has shown no signs of slowing down as with My Hero Academia Season 5 currently on air in the Toonami block of Adult Swim, and on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

With its return for another new season, the anime has reclaimed its position as the most popular superhero show across the United States and is only getting more popular with every episode.
Even with the abundance of superhero shows and movies all around television and the big screen, My Hero Academia Season 5 still remains at the peak of the spotlight and larger in demand compared to the other superhero shows from its western counterparts Marvel and DC who have been continuously producing hit superhero shows such as WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, or The Flash.

How popular is My Hero Academia Season 5 in the States?

According to Parrot Analytics’ insights My Hero Academia Season 5 is 48% more popular than an average show in the United States and currently, no show of the genre seems to be anywhere near the demand of My Hero Academia. The anime’s popularity and audience are more likely to keep on growing as the season progresses and kicks in full gear with its next arc.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is currently at its Joint Training arc between the students of Class-A and Class-B from the Hero course. And it’s been a fairly lighthearted training arc that has seen our heroes from Class-A showcase their growth both physically and mentally, the storyline has also left room for the heroes from Class-B to shine and sometimes even outsmart the more popular class. The arc is towards its completion and has only gotten better with recent episodes featuring Todoroki, Iida, and Bakugo.

My Hero Academia will be soon airing one of its most anticipated arcs, My Villain Academia, centered around the League of Villians.

My Hero Academia is streaming on Netflix outside of North America.