Disenchantment Part 3, Episode 3 recap: Beanie Get Your Gun

DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Eric André as Luci, Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in episode 8 of DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020
DISENCHANTMENT (L to R) Eric André as Luci, Abbi Jacobson as Bean and Nat Faxon as Elfo in episode 8 of DISENCHANTMENT. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020 /

Part 3, Episode 3 of the Netflix series Disenchantment begins rather magically, with Prince Derek (Tress MacNeille) wishing upon a star for the return of his sister, Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson), and his corrupt-but-lovable dad, King Zøg (John DiMaggio).

Conveniently, this wish is made right as Bean and the others are rising up from the pauper’s graveyard. Inconveniently, Odval (Maurice LaMarche) and the Arch Druidess (MacNeille) see them rising, and their apparent resurrection makes Odval think Bean possesses magic. Interestingly, we do learn that the head on the stake seen earlier actually doesn’t belong to Pendergast (Eric Andre), but some other character who looks like him.

Upon being reunited with Derek, Bean understandably tells him to never burn her alive again. Meanwhile, Odval thinks Zøg doesn’t think he and the Arch Druidess are guilty of anything. As another big development, Bean changes out of her sexier Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan) outfit. She also promptly receives a pardon from Derek, who was acting as King while Zøg was away and being badly influenced by Odval and his companion.

Disenchantment pardons Old Man Touchy(!) and other unexpected developments

In a good mood, Derek also pardons Elfo (Nat Faxon), Luci (Andre), and even Old Man Touchy (David Herman). Derek confidently takes back his crown, proclaiming that it’s better to be respected for who you are than what you are. However, the Arch Druidess snaps back: “Who you are is nobody, and what you are ain’t nothin’!” Ouch!

In another embarrassing moment, elves named Zip-a-dee and Doo-dah attack Derek when he sets out on his own. Meanwhile, King Zøg’s mind doesn’t seem right, meaning someone could still take advantage of him, one way or another. Also, Bean and her usual crew find what appears to be a headless Pendergast body in his locker, meaning they have a murder mystery on their hands.

Derek’s further meanderings

On his aimless little adventure, Derek gets tricked and cheated by forest animals in a card game, leaving him ensnared in a rope trap, pantsless. To her credit, Sagatha (MacNeille) the fairy shows up to get Derek out of the trap, and he gets introduced to Fairyland. There he meets Roxanne, Karly, and Snarla. Still naïve, they seem interested in getting Derek into a more mature, self-confident place in life.

Inspired by the fairies, Derek catches a trickster racoon using chipmunks to cheat at cards. He gets his money back, then chases the unnamed scheming mouse lady, too. Derek gets his trousers back and, surprisingly, sprouts a mustache. He also pledges his hand to Sagatha in marriage (yes, things move pretty fast in Disenchantment sometimes).

Has Pendergast lost his head for real this time?  (Apparently, yes)

While Derek’s on his own life-altering adventure, Elfo finds his own boldness, accusing Luci of a “toxic personality,” and they split up to look for clues regarding Pendergast’s apparently severed head, and also a gun they believe was involved in his demise.

It doesn’t receive their undivided attention, however, as Elfo successfully scares Luci by pretending to be the head of Pendergast. Elsewhere, Bean and Odval go on awkward strolls down a hallway doing their separate investigations, each attempting to not clue the other in on their searching. There’s also a brief appearance by Miss Moonpence (Jeny Batten).

While looking for the gun that killed Pendergast, Elfo suffers a misfortune. Odval returns after Elfo finds the gun in a globe, and Elfo gets stuck inside the glove which is grabbed by Odval. For better or worse, he doesn’t stay trapped inside. Elfo falls down a flight of stairs, onto a drawbridge, and then gets knocked down a waterfall! Fortunately, as we’ve seen throughout Disenchantment, Elfo is about as durable as he is gullible, so we know he’ll probably be fine.

Derek’s surprise wedding

Let’s not forget that Derek is to be married, oddly, to Sagatha (they grow up so fast!). It’s such an important event that Derek’s mother, Oona (MacNeille) returns. Still a bit out of it, King Zøg says “This means so much to whoever I am.” The Arch Druidess actually MCs the ceremony, referring to the “dearly beloved and the accursed.” Derek sweetly promises to never use a flyswatter against Sagatha, the diminutive fairy.

After the crowd is urged to bow their heads in prayer or disgust, the Arch Druidess is exposed by Derek as the killer of Pendergast, after he spots the gun in her sleeve. In classic villain fashion, she takes off with a motorcycle in a mad display of skills. However, she drops a map of Steamland. Also, congratulations, Derek!

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