When does The Walking Dead: World Beyond return?

The Walking Dead: World Beyond changed up the usual formula while keeping audiences familiar with the apocalyptic world overrun by walkers (zombies) and untrustworthy people. While World Beyond refers to them as empties, themes of family, friendship, and loyalty remain unchanged as audiences followed a group of young and inexperienced people on their way from Nebraska to New York.

While the group has been surviving in a very well-established community, they suffer from painful pasts and rely on each other while mistrusting those who were supposed to protect them. The Season 1 finale left audiences with a lot of unanswered questions as the group consisting of Iris, Hope, Felix, Huck, Elton, Silas, and Percy is separated.

Huck was revealed to be working with the CRM on a mission to bring Hope to their New York location. This happens while Silas is captured by CRM militants so Elton and Percy can escape capture.

Iris and Felix are reunited with his boyfriend Will Campbell. The group will not take these losses lightly and will undoubtedly find ways to remain strong and fight back.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 release date remains currently unknown.

While Season 2 was confirmed at the very start of the series there has yet to be a confirmed release date. There hasn’t been much news regarding the second season except for the most recent development regarding a current cast member.

Robert Palmer Watkins of the TV series General Hospital who plays Lieutenant Frank Newton is now going to be a recurring character in Season 2. While little is known about the character he is a member of the CRM which already leaves the notion that he is not one of the good guys.

However, that does leave a lot of room for multiple possibilities. What do you think his role will be next season?

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