The Walking Dead World Beyond recap: Episode 1 ‘Brave’

Sisters Iris and Hope learn that the Civic Republic cannot be trusted and venture to find their father in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 1.

Episode 1 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 1 begins with Iris having a nightmare that she is a walker or as this show calls them “empties”.

She hasn’t disclosed this reoccurring nightmare to her sister Hope who stows away on a bus leaving their Omaha Nebraska home. The bus stops to meet with lieutenant colonel Elizabeth Kublek of the Civic Republic.

Meeting Elizabeth is the security team, Felix and Huck.

The Civic Republic is one of three locations in the alliance alongside Portland and Omaha.

Upon Elizabeth’s arrival via helicopter and armed soldiers, Iris and a small group welcome them as Hope finishes placing flowers at her mother’s grave in a makeshift cemetery nearby.

Upon returning to their community, it becomes evident that Iris and Hope have not seen their father since the Civic Republic took him away to work on a cure for them.

While Iris remains active in the college and community, Hope is disgruntled at the Civic Republic’s presence and the two often butt heads over their different points of view.

Iris explains through narration that is has been ten years since her mom died on what she calls “The Night the Sky Fell”.

The community is preparing for Monument Day, which celebrates their survival at the cost of others who didn’t survive. It’s a memorial to remember those who died and to be thankful for the life they live today.

Throughout the episode, we catch glimpses of Silas, the new kid who is quiet but kind and Elton an intelligent young man who also teaches other students karate.

Iris meets with Dr. K, the only person who knows about her nightmares and tries to get through to her. She tells Iris that she needs to start living for herself and not for everyone else anymore.

Iris needs to understand that it wasn’t her fault that she and her father got separated from her mom and Hope.

Nico Tortorella in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 1

Nico Tortorella as Felix – The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

The Walking Dead World Beyond Episode 1 recap: Iris finally receives messages from her father.

Iris checks the printer daily for messages from her father and finally receives one that while jumbled appears to be a call for help.

When she shares this message to Hope they are unsure what to think. Silas and Elton happen across the two during the message discussion and in order to gain their trust reveal a secret about themselves.

They share the message with Felix, who promised their father he would take care of them, as well.

That evening Iris and Hope run into Elizabeth where they openly admit that they don’t trust her because of the power she has over the community. To gain their trust Elizabeth hands them a map of where they can find their father.

His location is New York State.

The next morning they find another message from the printer and it seems things are far worse than they thought.

The Walking Dead World Beyond Episode 1 recap: The Civic Republic cannot be trusted.

The morning of Iris’s speech she visits Dr. K only to find that she had unfortunately passed away and has become an empty. Thinking about Dr. K’s words Iris’s speech comes from her heart where she openly admits to everyone about her nightmares and does not trust Elizabeth and the Civic Republic.

After her speech, Iris and Hope bring up their mother’s death where the flashback comes full circle.

Separated from her father and Iris their mother and Hope spot a truck. When attempting to get in a woman with a gun stops them.

As Hope’s mother tries to speak calmly and offers her help out of fear the woman shoots her. Hope in turns shoots the woman.

When Iris and Hope decide they will be leaving to find their father, Elton and Silas join them. Silas finds a lost item Elton was looking for: horn from a triceratops.

With their newly acquired weapons, they begin their journey but Felix and Huck are not far behind in their pursuit.

Luckily for the six, they left at the perfect time for the episode concludes with Elizabeth and the Civic Republic killing the citizens of Omaha.

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The next episode of The Walking Dead World Beyond will air Oct. 11, on AMC.