Made for Love Season 2: HBO Max officially renews dark comedy series

Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 8 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max
Cristin Milioti in Made for Love Episode 8 - Photograph by Elizabeth Morris/HBO Max /

Things are about to get a lot weirder in the Gogol hub. Yes, HBO Max has finally come through and officially renewed its dark comedy Made for Love! Made for Love Season 2 is happening at the WarnerMedia streaming service and we couldn’t be more excited, especially given how things left off in the finale.

Beware: The following article contains spoilers for the first season!

At the end of the critically acclaimed first season, Hazel decided to return to Byron under the stipulation that he help save her father from terminal cancer. Not wanting Herb to know what she’s agreed to, Hazel sedates her dad and then Byron’s team comes in to secretly move Herb to the hub.

They adjust the settings and every detail to make it appear that Herb never left his real home, but how long will that last in the new season? And can Hazel and Byron actually make a relationship work after everything Byron has done?

Made for Love Season 2: HBO Max renews the critically acclaimed dark comedy

The dark comedy ranks among the streaming service’s top original half-hours and continues finding new fans each day. Made for Love is based on the novel by Alissa Nutting and tells a cynical, yet poignant story of love and divorce.

The first season sees Hazel Green (Cristin Milioti) go on the run after suffocating in a marriage to tech billionaire Byron Gogol (Billy Magnussen). The final straw is when Byron forcibly implants the “Made for Love” chip into her brain. Functioning as an audio and visual monitoring device, Hazel feels violated in every way and flees home to her aging widower dad, Herbert Green (Ray Romano). Byron continues watching Hazel while she’s gone and desperately tries to win back her affection by any means necessary.

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It’s not surprising that HBO Max has opted to renew the show for another season as it has been a tremendous success for the streaming service.

“’Made for Love’ is funny, dark, and entirely unique,” said Suzanna Makkos, EVP, Original Comedy and Adult Animation, HBO Max. “We are thrilled to be reuniting with this dream team of talented producers, incredible cast, and CGI dolphins to tell the next chapter of this exciting story.”

“We’re thrilled we get the chance to work with our incredible cast and crew again. We would’ve announced the pick-up earlier, but it was a beast closing Diane’s deal. Everyone thinks she’s a doll but she’s a real hard-ass,” said executive producers and season two showrunners Christina Lee and Alissa Nutting.

As for when we might expect Made for Love Season 2 to premiere, it’s not yet clear since the renewal news is so recent. I’d imagine the next season will release sometime in late 2022.

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Are you excited for Made for Love Season 2? What do you hope see happen next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

You can revisit Made for Love Season 1 right now on HBO Max.