All American Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: Int’l Players Anthem

All American -- "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)" -- Image Number: ALA317a_1121r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace and Lamon Archey as D'Angelo Carter -- Photo: Bill Inoshita /The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)" -- Image Number: ALA317a_1121r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace and Lamon Archey as D'Angelo Carter -- Photo: Bill Inoshita /The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

In the previous episode of All American, Spencer, Olivia, Jordan, and Simone took a quick trip to Atlanta. How will this diversion play a role in getting ready for the state championship?

In Crenshaw, Spencer and the team are working out early in the morning. Billy comes in and tells them that they have to push for a little bit longer. The state championship is in two weeks.

Jabari is feeling the pressure of the school fall upon their shoulders. They need to win for the school not to be converted into a magnet school.

Preach is hanging out with his daughter. She runs away to play, and Mo sits down. Mo wants Preach to tell Coop that he can’t go on tour. Mo offers up a “solution” for Preach’s problem, but we don’t think it is for the best.

All American Season 3, Episode 18: Will Preach tell Coop about his daughter?

Coop, Spencer, and Patience are at the cafe in Crenshaw. Coop has gotten her GED. She is getting ready to go on tour. Spencer tells them about his kiss with Olivia.

Olivia, Laura, and Simone’s mother are at the sports bar in Beverly. They want to have the rehearsal dinner there, but Simone’s mother isn’t too keen on it.

They agree to have the rehearsal dinner at the Baker’s home.

Jordan and Simone are completing seating arrangements. Jordan calls Simone out for being withdrawn the whole week. She has decided to go to Bringston. Jordan agrees to go with her.

Preach finally tells Coop that he can’t go to Vegas. He doesn’t tell her why, though. Preach brings up replacing himself with Andre, which is what Mo wanted.

Spencer arrives home to see Grace and Principal Carter cozy in the kitchen. He is a little shocked.

Grace tries to explain their relationship, but Spencer doesn’t want to hear it.

Jordan and Asher are getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Layla comes in to talk to them. Asher brings up college and the fact that they made a deal to both go to California.

Layla and Jordan have an in-depth conversation about Jordan’s dreams and if Bringston is what he wants.

All American Season 3, Episode 18: What happens at the rehearsal dinner?

When the rehearsal dinner begins, Spencer sneaks upstairs to talk to Olivia. She promises him that she isn’t trying to avoid him. She has just been busy.

Jordan, Asher, and Mr. Baker are laughing at videos of JJ dancing, while Simone is looking at them with a sad look on her face. What could she be thinking about?

Grace arrives at the rehearsal dinner with Carter.

Asher tries to tell Jordan that his parents are back together, and Olivia confirms it.

Carter catches Spencer and wants to talk to him. Spencer calls him a threat to the school. Spencer asks Carter not to make Crenshaw a magnet school if the team doesn’t win states. When Carter can’t guarantee that, Spencer gets angry.

Billy tries to defuse the situation, but it doesn’t work.

All American
All American — “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” — Image Number: ALA317b_1077r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Karimah Westbrook as Grace and Daniel Ezra as Spencer — Photo: Bill Inoshita /The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

After the rehearsal dinner, Spencer meets Coop at the cafe. Coop gets a text from Layla saying that she will go with Coop to Vegas. Spencer also tells Coop about Preach’s daughter.

Layla is in the recording studio. Carrie brings Layla her dress for the wedding. Layla mentions going to Vegas. Carrie gets upset and tells Layla to stop giving herself up to other people.

Layla thinks that Carrie wants to stay in the house, but Carrie mentions coming to Vegas. Layla doesn’t exactly agree with this.

Spencer heads to the school gym and sees Jabari working out. Jabari thanks Spencer for bringing him into the football family.

Coop confronts Preach about his daughter. She is upset that he didn’t say anything.

Grace is helping Spencer get ready for the wedding. He apologizes for being mad at her about Carter. He then asks Grace what she sees in him.

All American Season 3, Episode 18: A wedding to remember.

Guests are arriving at the wedding. Layla and Olivia are talking. Olivia asks if everything is okay with Carrie. Olivia mentions that she tried to see Layla after Friendsgiving, but Carrie said that she was sick. Layla believes Olivia but has to run.

Asher, Jordan, and Spencer are getting ready. Asher gives Jordan a lovely speech about how he is their glue.

Spencer runs up to Grace and Carter and asks to talk to Carter quickly. Spencer says that he is willing to get along with Carter for the sake of his mother. Carter tells Spencer that he hopes that they win because he has realized the error of his ways.

Simone is standing in her wedding dress and starting to freak out. She thinks it is a mistake because she doesn’t want Jordan to move across the country for her.

Olivia takes Jordan to Simone. Simone says all of her concerns. They agree to go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jordan, Asher, Spencer, and Olivia are hanging out after the non-wedding. Jordan is telling them that they are getting the annulment.

Layla goes back to the studio, and Carrie is still there. Layla asks Carrie to borrow her phone to order sushi. Layla gets Carrie’s mom’s phone number.

Laura and Billy are hanging out after the non-wedding. They are reminiscing about their own wedding. Billy proposes to Laura again, and she agrees.

They end up getting married right there.

The day after the wedding, Carter and Billy show up at Spencer’s house early in the morning. The board has suspended the plans to make the school into a magnet school.

Preach meets Coop at the park. He introduces his daughter to Coop. Mo is looking on from afar while texting Andre.

Layla makes a phone call to Carrie’s mom. Carrie said that her parents kicked her out, but that is not what her mom says.

Jordan and Olivia are eating ice cream. They are happy the family is back together. Jordan wants her to go after Spencer, but she doesn’t know if she is ready.

But, she does drive over to Spencer’s. Olivia asks Spencer why he really wanted to only be friends after Atlanta. He said because her recovery came first, but Olivia is willing to try out the relationship.

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