All American Season 3 finale recap: Surviving the Times

All American -- "Surviving the Times" -- Image Number: ALA318fg_0029r.jpg -- Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "Surviving the Times" -- Image Number: ALA318fg_0029r.jpg -- Pictured: Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

In the previous episode of All American, we have seen both teams gearing up for the state championship. But, who will come out on top in the All American season 3 finale? Will it be Crenshaw or Beverly?

We see a fight break out between Crenshaw and Beverly. Coop is being pulled over, and Asher is losing it. What went wrong?

We go back 48 hours earlier. Spencer and Olivia are in Beverly talking about the state championship. Olivia and Spencer are officially dating.

Olivia wants everyone to know. Spencer has called Layla, but he hasn’t heard back from her.

All American Season 3 finale: What will everyone think of Olivia and Spencer?

Simone shows up, and Spencer leaves. Olivia tells Simone that they are together. Olivia doesn’t want to hurt Asher or Layla, but Simone seems to think they won’t mind.

Coop and Layla are in Crenshaw. Preach is showing them the merch that they are going to give to Andre. Coop isn’t sure about going to Las Vegas on her own.

Asher and his father are eating breakfast. Coastal California is calling him, and he picks up. He was offered a full scholarship.

Spencer goes home to find Billy sitting with his mom. Spencer thinks that there is either good news or bad news. Billy has good news.

Spencer has been asked to play in the All-American game.

In Beverly, Montes has the team scrimmage each other. She wants JJ to be QB 1 still. Jordan is still upset by this and wants the chance to play.

On the first drive, Asher gets hit pretty hard. He says he is okay, but something is up.

Carrie and Layla are at Layla’s house. Carrie wants Layla to go with her to Tahoe. Layla mentions that Carrie should see her parents.

Carrie gets upset that Layla called her parents. Reluctantly, Layla agrees to go to Tahoe with her.

After practice, Asher is walking around with an ice pack on his ribs. He tells Jordan that Spencer got invited to the All-American game. Asher reassures Jordan that he would have been in that game if he played all year.

JJ comes around, and the two of them get into it about who should be QB 1. Asher can break them up.

Jordan confides in Asher that he has been practicing with Spencer. He also mentions that he has been running the playbook with him.

Asher realizes that Spencer knows all of their plays.

All American Season 3 finale: Will the playbook ruin a few friendships?

Spencer and his family are celebrating his success in Crenshaw. Grace is giving a speech about how proud Spencer makes everybody.

Spencer goes over to Olivia and tries to kiss her, but she pulls away. Spencer wants to know if their relationship is public.

They call over Jordan and Simone to tell them. Of course, they are happy.

Montes calls Asher into her office. Asher’s ribs are fine, so he can still play. He also mentions that they should change their playbook.

He tries to cover for Jordan, but Montes knows he is lying. He ends up telling Montes that Jordan has been practicing. Together, they are going to come up with some new plays.

Billy is talking to Jordan. Jordan is talking about how he could have gotten into the All-American game if it wasn’t for his injury. Billy hands him a letter.

Jordan is on the reserve list for the All-American game.

Coop comes to say goodbye to Spencer before heading out to Vegas. They are both living their dreams.

DeSean Jackson walks in to congratulate Spencer.

Billy mentions to Spencer how proud he is. Spencer confesses that he has been training Jordan for weeks. Billy gets very upset with Spencer because Jordan isn’t cleared yet.

Just then, Olivia walks up and breaks the news that they are dating. Billy walks away angry at Spencer.

all american season 3 finale
All American — “Surviving the Times” — Image Number: ALA318b_0908r.jpg — Pictured: Taye Diggs as Billy — Photo: Bill Inoshita /The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

The next morning at the Baker house, Billy walks into the kitchen to talk to Jordan. Jordan asks Billy what he would have done if he was in the same position.

On some level, Billy knows Jordan is correct.

Olivia goes to Layla’s recording studio to talk to her. She tells Layla that she and Spencer are dating. Layla takes it quite well. Layla then asks Olivia for her help with Carrie.

Coop shows Patience the merch. She asks Patience to come with her on tour and launch the song they have together. Patience agrees.

The Crenshaw boys are loading up the bus for their big game. Spencer’s phone rings. It’s Olivia. Spencer is upset that he has lost his trust in Billy. Olivia says that he will get it back.

Billy orders Spencer to the bus.

Mo walks up to Andre and tells him that “it’s time.” What is she going to do to Coop?

Layla confronts Carrie again. She says that she wants to go to Tahoe with Carrie, only if Carrie visits her parents first. Carrie asks if Layla will go with her. Layla agrees.

When Crenshaw gets to the game, they see Beverly. JJ and Jordan are getting into it about the plays. Spencer walks over to defuse the situation.

But nothing can be done. The fuse has been lit. Both teams get into it, and a brawl breaks out.

All American Season 3 finale: Will a championship game even be played?

Andre is loading the merch into the bus. He is saying that he isn’t going to take the bus, though. He wants to take his own car. When Coop asks for merch, he goes to grab one from the car. Why not from the boxes he just loaded?

Montes and Billy are yelling at both teams. The refs know that there was a fight and that there might not be a game.

Billy and Montes are talking behind closed doors. Billy is trying to convince Montes to let them play because the refs don’t really know.

When the ref comes around, Billy gives a water-downed version of the story. The ref believes them, and there will be a game.

Carrie and Layla are leaving for Carrie’s parent’s house. Carrie has left a note on the counter. What can it say?

Coop is on the bus with Patience, and it gets pulled over. There was a tip that the bus has narcotics on it. Andre and Mo?

Before the game starts, Montes tells Jordan that he and JJ will split the game. Asher’s dad walks up and tells Asher that he can’t play in the game. He has a rare heart condition, and he can’t play football anymore.

Carrie has left a goodbye letter for her and Layla. When Layla’s dad tries to call, he finds it in the trash.

The game is about to begin. Both teams are taking the field.

Coop goes up to Mo’s house and catches her off guard. Coop tells Mo that she unloaded all of the drugs before they left town. Mo pulls a gun on her.

Coop tries to talk her down. Mo pulls the trigger, but Preach is there. Preach gets Mo, but Mo has gotten Coop.

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What did you think of the All American season 3 finale? We still don’t know who won the championship game! And now, Coop could be gone! I don’t know if we can wait until next season to see what happens! 

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