Will Schmigadoon! return for Season 2 at Apple TV+?

Episode 3. Dove Cameron in “Schmigadoon!,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Episode 3. Dove Cameron in “Schmigadoon!,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Schmigadoon! recently wrapped its first season on Apple TV+. The six-episode season ended happily, although it did leave room for the story to continue. We didn’t actually see if Josh and Melissa made it across the bridge and escaped the magical town, although implied.

Since then, many fans have wondered if Apple TV+ would renew Schmigadoon! for another season. As of now, the streaming service hasn’t provided an update on the show. But the musical comedy has been well-received by critics.

Also, in the show’s favor, Apple TV+ has pretty renewed all of its shows across the board so far. It seems likely we’ll see another season.

Why was Season 1 of Schmigadoon! so short?

On Monday, series co-creator Cinco Paul answered several questions regarding the show, including the reasoning behind the Law & Order font and why the show was only six episodes.

Paul said the plan was originally for Schmigadoon!‘s first season to run for eight episodes rather than six. That explains why the finale felt so rushed. The truncated run also resulted in a shortened story arc for recurring characters Danny and The Countess, played by Aaron Tveit and Jane Krakowski.

In the original plans for the show, Danny’s arc would have included him trying to rob Josh in some convoluted scheme to win back Melissa. He also would have been revealed to be Carson’s father.

Are there plans for Schmigadoon! Season 2?

Good news for fans, Paul has said that his plans for the show “has always involved more than one season.” But he remained tight-lipped on what that could mean for the show’s future and whether it would revolve around the same characters or embrace an anthology format.

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Did you enjoy the first season of Schmigadoon!? Would you like to see the show continue for another season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.