Titans Season 3, Episode 4 recap: It’s a family matter

Titans -- Ep. 205 -- “Deathstroke” -- Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Titans -- Ep. 205 -- “Deathstroke” -- Photo Credit: Ken Woroner / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

In the Titans Season 3, Episode 4, “Blackfire,” the Titans mourn one of their own. But Red Hood still has plans for Gotham. The Titans can’t afford to sit back.

The HBO Max show went to dark places in the previous episode by killing one of the OG Titans, Hank Hall/Hawk. The person who pulled the trigger? None other than the love of Hank’s life, Dawn Granger/Dove.

Granted, Dove was tricked by Red Hood into accidentally killing Hank. But that’s little consolation when Hank’s been blown to bits.

And his death is going to have repercussions on more than just the OG Titans. Dawn and Dick Grayson are beside themselves. But so are all the Titans. And their problems are going to be piling up soon.

Titans Season 3, Episode 4 – Target

The fact Connor/Superboy was unable to save Hank plagues him throughout Titans Season 3, Episode 4. He blames the Lex Luthor part of his DNA for his failure. He believes he isn’t actually Super because of this. It’s a dark place to be for the young hero.

Conner refuses to listen no matter how much Gar Logan/Beast Boy tries to talk him out of it. But as Dawn says, it’s not Conner’s fault. It’s not even Dawn’s fault, no matter how much she blames herself.

Hank’s loss is too much for Dawn. She finally decides to leave Gotham and moves back to Paris, where her family used to live. She even asks Dick to join her, but of course, Dick can’t leave. Not with Red Hood still out there.

Titans Season 3, Episode 4 opens with Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow being attacked in Arkham Asylum. It’s Red Hood that’s after him, and Gotham’s newest villain seems to have no problem turning Arkham’s staff against Scarecrow.

Crane survives, but Commissioner Barbara Gordon realizes he needs to be moved somewhere safer—Blackgate Prison. The move is a wise decision and will put Crane out in the open—ready for Red Hood’s clutches.

But there’s an unexpected hitch in the transfer plan—Dick Grayson. Red Hood’s goons try and nab Crane, but Dick gets to them first. He doesn’t even hide his identity in his Nightwing costume—Dick straight-up attacks the goons as himself.

Crane watches keenly. He’s intrigued by Dick, but he’s also needling him. Dick’s pretty calm until Crane mentions Hawk, whose death is all over the news.

As Barbara and the GCPD track Dick’s moves, they notice something disconcerting—Dick isn’t heading to Blackgate. He’s going somewhere else. But where? And why is he taking Crane there?

Titans Season 3, Episode 4 – Sister

Gar tries to drown his sorrows in homemade pizza, which gets ruined by a sleepwalking, flame-shooting Kory Anders/Starfire. These dreams or visions she keeps having are becoming a nuisance—specifically for Gar, who seems to get caught in the crossfire far too often.

Gar takes Kory to a sensory deprivation chamber to help her access her visions better. It works. A bit too well. Kory wakes up in her car in the middle of nowhere. She’s not alone. There’s a voice from the trunk. It’s Gar!

It turns out Kory’s visions were so powerful, she blew right through the chamber, punched Gar in the face, shoved him in the trunk and drove somewhere. All in her sleep. There has to be a reason why. Gar finds it—there’s a hatch in the ground, and it leads them to Starfire’s sister, Blackfire (Damaris Lewis).

The visions Kory’s been seeing were from Blackfire. She’s been held in this government facility since arriving on Earth. Her jailor is Dr. Artie Kind (Kris Siddiqi), more a scientist than anything else, who talks way too much and is a big fan of Starfire.

Unlike her sister, Blackfire is considered a threat and locked in a room that diminishes her powers, almost eliminating them. And the government plans to keep her there till she dies.

Kory and Komand’r weren’t the closest of sisters growing up. Kory was the favorite of the family and the Tamaran people. Komand’r was the misfit, always getting into trouble and fighting back. Their parents were harsh on Blackfire. So, she killed them.

The sisters end up fighting; Starfire is the clear winner. But as Kory leaves, Blackfire speaks her truth—she is the way she is because Starfire was her sister and never stood up for her.

Well, Starfire isn’t going to make that mistake again. The thought of her sister rotting in that cell for eternity, long after the humans in charge are dead, is too much. Starfire and Gar break Blackfire out of her prison cell and head home.

Is this a decision Starfire is going to regret? Or will she finally feel whole again with her sister by her side?

Titans Season 3, Episode 4 – Wolf

Crane isn’t sure where he’s being taken in Titans Season 3, Episode 4. But the first opportunity he gets, Crane makes a run for it. And immediately gets caught in a trap. This is no ordinary place that Dick has brought him to.

The cabin in the woods where Dick locks Crane up seems like any other wholesome family getaway. It isn’t. Aside from the traps outside, there’s a cabinet hiding high-tech surveillance gear. This is the cabin Bruce brought young Dick and Jason to train.

Why has Dick brought Crane here? Because he knows something that we don’t. Jason isn’t working alone—Crane’s his mentor. Crane’s the one behind Red Hood and, inadvertently, Hank’s death. All the nonsense Jason’s been spewing about the Titans was put in his head by Crane.

Crane wasn’t trying to needle Dick—he was slyly letting him know that Crane was onto everything. Jason didn’t hold anything back—Crane knows about Dick, Bruce, the Titans. Everything. Yikes!

Despite being tied up, Crane thinks he has the upper hand. He tells Dick that Bruce was nothing but a psychopath—that Bruce manipulated Dick and Jason when they were children. He turned them into something he could control. Their actions aren’t on them—they’re on Bruce.

But Dick’s not having it. He tells Crane a story about being brought to the cabin as a child, being let out into the forest nearby on his own. Dick was chased by a wolf, made to fight it. Crane is sympathetic—Dick was just a boy and should never have been put in that situation.

Crane is wrong, of course. Because Dick knew exactly what he was doing, even as a child. The wolf wasn’t a danger to Dick. The wolf was in danger. Young Dick successfully fought the wolf and won. Crane is in some serious trouble now.

Red Hood finally makes his move, and this time, Nightwing is prepared. He fights hard and smart and bests Red Hood. But then, things go wrong.

In her enthusiasm to stop Red Hood, Barbara sends a helicopter to the cabin. The footage she sees is choppy, but Barbara orders her people to take a shot at Red Hood the first chance she gets. They get Nightwing instead.

Nightwing isn’t badly hurt, but he was down long enough for Red Hood to escape. And he’s got Scarecrow. What havoc will these two wreak on Gotham?

Final Thoughts – Titans Season 3, Episode 4 was a tense ride

I love that Titans Season 3, Episode 4 departed from Red Hood’s origins in the comics. The Scarecrow connection was completely unexpected, but it works. I don’t know where the show is going with it, but I’m excited to see more.

I feel like the series has really settled into itself. The actors seem more comfortable with their characters. They’ve got the inflections of the dialogue down. Even the swearing seems more natural, which is a funny thing to say.

I think Starfire’s dedication to wearing the color purple is absolutely adorable. As if Kory isn’t endearing enough. Now that she’s got her badass but critical sister with her, I can’t wait to see what these Tamaraneans do on Earth.

Despite the heartbreak of losing Hank and Dawn, there is so much to look forward to on this show. I never know what’s going to happen, and that’s perfect. It’s going to be a long wait till next week.

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