Titans Season 3, Episode 6 recap: Burying the hatchet

Anna Diop, Joshua Orpin in Titans Season 3, Episode 6 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max
Anna Diop, Joshua Orpin in Titans Season 3, Episode 6 - Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

In Titans Season 3, Episode 6, “Lady Vic,” an old enemy returns to haunt the Titans as a new recruit inveigles their way into the team. But the past never forgets. Not in Gotham.

The HBO Max show has been skirting around Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s shared past. We finally learn how this fan-favorite pair from the DC Comics came together in the show.

Meanwhile, Gotham City’s evildoers claim two State Troopers. Headed for wedded bliss, the troopers come across a vengeful woman who takes them out with a few quick moves.

Who is this new terror on Gotham? Why does she hate happy couples? All this and more will be revealed in this sixth episode.

Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Good sister

Titans Season 3 Episode 6
Damaris Lewis, Anna Diop in Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

Starfire may have saved her sister, Blackfire, from a lifetime in a cell, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. And Blackfire aims to make Starfire’s life as difficult as possible in Titans Season 3, Episode 6.

Both Kory and Blackfire were queens on Tamaran. But on Earth, things are a bit different. Unlike on their home planet, the Tamaranean queens can’t just command people to do their bidding—to Blackfire’s annoyance, Gar Logan and Conner are not their servants.

But it isn’t just these little things that bother Blackfire. She’s out of the cell, but what is she supposed to be doing with the Titans? She isn’t part of the team. Does Starfire even want her sister in the team?

Kory and Conner begin an investigation into an attack on a group of doctors and missing medical equipment. Since Dick and Barbara aren’t talking, the Titans need to examine the case on their own.

But when Blackfire makes suggestions—asking the people on the street for clues instead of digging through files—Kory shuts her down.

The Titans find a lead, and Kory takes Conner and Blackfire to speak to the creator of the medical device that was stolen. When they arrive, Kory orders her sister to stay in the car. Then why bring her along? Blackfire is frustrated, and understandably so, but Kory is cautious about her murderous sister.

This gives Blackfire and Conner a chance to talk, at least. Conner likes everyone and is obviously taken by Blackfire, a fellow alien. It turns out they have more in common.

Conner is still struggling to accept his heritage—his fathers are Superman and Lex Luthor, after all. He’s half-Kryptonian and half-human, someone who doesn’t understand where he belongs.

Blackfire has a similarly complicated past. She was born without the ability to create fire like the other Tamaraneans, so she lived in Kory’s shadow, an outcast all her life.

According to Conner, the Titans accepted him as their family, even without being linked by blood. If Blackfire wants, she can earn her way in as well.

Conner ends up having to help Kory—and thus leaves Blackfire on her own. Together, Conner and Kory save the doctor from another Red Hood bomb. But Blackfire disappears. Only to reappear in Wayne Manor with crucial information, which she got using her investigative methods.

That’s the root of the problem between the sister-queens. Starfire’s always been the good sister. But for that to happen, Blackfire needs to be the bad one. What happens now when they’re both equally good people?

Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Breaking the rules

Titans Season 3 Episode 6
Brenton Thwaites, Savannah Welch in Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

Six years ago, Robin was going to stop a museum heist. His quarry was particularly skillful. She matches his moves exactly, all while ensuring that a precious vase never broke. Who is this slick adversary in Titans Season 3, Episode 6? None other than Barbara Gordon.

It looks like Barbara knew about Bruce Wayne and Dick being Batman and Robin. But that wasn’t her world. Despite Dick trying to convince Barbara to become a superhero—Robingirl was his terrible codename suggestion to her Batgirl—that was not what Barbara wanted.

Instead, Barbara and Dick decided to take a leaf out of Selina Kyle/ Catwoman’s book and rob Gotham themselves. The fact that most of Gotham is very badly monitored is obvious—the two make off with precious art, artifacts, and jewelry. It’s child’s play.

They don’t even do anything with the stolen goods—it’s just kept in Barbara’s apartment. But these heists bring them closer, and they eventually become a couple that, according to Dick, “makes sense.” Such a romantic, Grayson.

But on one such heist, Barbara and Dick are attacked by another pair of thieves, and these two come with knives. The male half of the duo overpowers Dick.

Though Barbara gets her leg sliced up, she manages to save Dick. In the process, the woman Barbara was fighting accidentally takes out her own partner. Dick and Barbara want to help, but Barbara needs medical attention. The woman is despondent—she takes her partner’s ring, a memento of their life together.

As viewers will note, this same woman is the one who killed the happy State Trooper couple at the start of the episode. Lady Vic (Kimberley-Sue Murray) isn’t over accidentally killing her own partner, and she’s taking it out on other happy couples.

Her latest target? Barbara and Dick, of course. Lady Vic tricks Barbara into thinking Bruce has called for a meeting. And he specifically requests Barbara not to tell Dick. Of course, the moment Barbara arrives, she realizes it’s a trap.

The Joker may have injured Barbara, but she’s still a hell of a fighter. She more than holds her own against Lady Vic. But maybe the point of this fight wasn’t to kill Barbara at all?

Dick figures out that Lady Vic is after Barbara with Gar’s help. He helps check Barbara’s apartment to make sure Lady Vic isn’t waiting for her there.

It’s been a while since Dick was in Barbara’s place, and it brings back memories. But there’s nothing from Barbara. Can they at least be friends? We’ll have to find out in upcoming episodes.

Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Expendable

Titans Season 3 Episode 6
Kimberly-Sue Murray in Titans Season 3, Episode 6 – Photograph by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max /

While all this is going down, Jason Todd has his own problems in Titans Season 3, Episode 6. He’s annoyed that Dick is still alive. He’s also annoyed that Jonathan Crane/ Scarecrow isn’t telling him the entire plan. Mostly, Jason is annoyed.

Crane takes Jason to his lab, where more of his special serum is being produced. It’s a long process, and it’s taking a while. Too long for Jason, who wants the drug that gave him his sense of fearlessness out on the streets of Gotham. It will help them create an army.

Crane handles Jason’s impatience surprisingly well. Until he takes the boy to witness his plan. That hospital full of doctors that Kory and Conner were investigating? Lady Vic killed them. She was strong and accurate before. Without any fear, she’s unstoppable.

Like Jason, Lady Vic has been dosing on Crane’s special drug, and she’s so much stronger and faster than before. But what’s the point of this? It’s Crane’s way of telling Jason something important—Red Hood isn’t Crane’s only weapon. He has Lady Vic, as well. Red Hood is expendable.

Jason’s had this whole thing backward. He thought Scarecrow was working for him, but it’s actually Jason who’s a tool for the Scarecrow. This boy and his issues with authority. They’re going to be the death of him. They already have been this season.

Of course, Jason does what he does best. Another overbearing father figure, another act of rebellion. Red Hood takes whatever drug has been made and starts distributing it himself. He gives it to a bunch of thugs who attack the first place they find—the Drakes’ noodle restaurant.

Tim Drake is just trying to help his family keep their lovely restaurant going in this hellhole of a city. And now he has to watch his dad bleed out in front of him for no reason at all. It looks like Gotham City’s just made themselves a new Robin.

Final Thoughts – Titans Season 3, Episode 6 builds the character dynamics

I feel like this season is fast-forwarding many elements of DC Comics, but it works. You don’t need the slow burn of the comic book stories to understand why the characters do what they do. The motivations and resolutions have been pretty fun to watch so far.

I loved the character dynamics in Titans Season 3, Episode 6. Blackfire and Starfire are finally opening up to each other. Maybe they can bury the ghosts of their past and start a new kind of life on Earth. I would desperately love to see that.

Dick and Barbara’s past was unexpected but fun to watch. I particularly enjoyed Barbara being an accomplished fighter in and out of the wheelchair.

I’m curious at the mention of Oracle we got in this episode. In the comics, Oracle was Barbara’s codename when she became Gotham’s tech genius. But here, Barbara refers to Oracle as a “monster.” Will this be explored in later episodes or, perhaps, next season?

I really hope that Jason hasn’t caused yet another needless death. It looks like there’s no coming back for this former Titan. He’s already killed Hawk, albeit on Crane’s orders, but Tim Drake’s dad? That’s on Jason. And Tim was such a fan of Robin, too!

What does the remainder of the season have planned for us? I can’t even begin to imagine, and I love that.

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