Succession: New trailer and new star power for season 3!

Jeremy Strong in Succession season 2
Jeremy Strong in Succession season 2 /

Scheduled to premiere on October 17, 2021, HBO’s Succession Season 3 has a new and exciting trailer out for its 3rd season. Check it out below!

Basically, if you thought the conflict between the Roy family was bad before, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a brand new wrinkle to it: Logan Roy (Brian Cox) plans to go “full ****king beast” mode, suggesting he’s taking no prisoners. The trailer gives a fair idea of where the other characters will stand, too.

Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) seems fully committed to finally dragging his father down, out of hopes to advance his own career and, possibly even beyond the point necessary, improve the company image over at Waystar Royco. Though Logan has some blackmail material on Kendall, it’s obvious that the blackmail street goes both ways.

Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin), who is technically Logan’s son, seems to be caught in the middle, perhaps with an indefinite role in the company and family’s future. Greg (Nicholas Braun) is focused on not going to jail, living as a loose end caught in the spokes of the ever-turning scandal wheel.

Meanwhile, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook) seems to be Logan’s main child, although his previous behavior has frayed loyalties, including hers. As another interesting point, Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) seems to have an expanded role in Succession Season 3, if the trailer is any indication.

Succession Season 3 has added big names to the cast

There’s a chance some of you didn’t know this:  Season 3 of Succession has added Alexander Skarsgård & Adrien Brody. According to Variety, Skarsgård will be playing Lukas Matsson, a tech founder and CEO.

Deadline says that Brody will appear as Josh Aaronson, “a billionaire activist investor who becomes pivotal in the battle for the ownership of Waystar.” In an age where our public is sinking in corruption, isn’t it fortunate we have so many billionaires lending us a hand?

Will the Roys’ fractured state of affairs bring the dynasty down? It’s possible. Whether or not the Roys can rise above the situation remains to be seen.  We do know that someone will ultimately get the upper hand on a more permanent basis.  The main question on some viewer’s minds:  Will it be Greg?

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