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The season 1 finale of the Netflix series Curon begins with Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello) chained to a wall, largely because her kids — Mauro (Federico Russo) and Daria Raina (Margherita Morchio) — don’t trust that she isn’t a doppelgänger. Meanwhile, we learn that grandpa Thomas Raina (Luca Lionello) is still alive, albeit bleeding, while an apparently hungry wolf sets in on him. However, Thomas overpowers it, then sets it free into the woods, almost like it was tame the entire time, but merely a little grouchy.

Elsewhere in Curon, as Klara Asper (Anna Ferzetti) buries her doppelgänger, her son Giulio (Giulio Brizzi), and daughter Micki (Juju Di Domenico) join Mauro and Daria out on a mission through the snowy woods. At roughly the same time, we learn that Albert Asper (Alessandro Tedeschi) is heading out with a gun. It’s also been well-established that he’s had a sexual relationship with Anna.

Curon: The confusion is by design

In the next scene, Thomas is asked by Klara if he’s seen Albert or her kids. It also becomes clearer that she knows (or strongly suspects) that Albert is a doppelgänger. Meanwhile, it appears that the missing kids are lost, and they blame Giulio for leading them in a circle. Being crafty yet awkward, Micki screams as a form of echolocation to differentiate the mountain from the valley terrain.

The sense of urgency isn’t merely because they’re lost but, understandably, they fear doppelgängers are heading out to murder their real parents. Unexpectedly, they find some old Italian soldier skeletons, which is seldom a good sign! Other characters are searching simultaneously: Anna and Albert’s doppelgängers enter the Plain of the Dead, which appears to be a dark tunnel environment.

Separately, Thomas finds the corpse of Berger (Salvatore De Santis), who had so valiantly sacrificed himself to kill the Lukas doppelgänger (Luca Castellano). (Apologies for using the word “doppelgänger” so frequently, but that’s what they are and there’s a lot of them in Curon!)

Will the real [insert character here] please stand up?

Soon, Anna and Albert’s doppelgängers find the other (presumably “real”) Anna is actually gone. Out of apparent desperation, the fake Anna actually bangs her head against the wall so others will believe she’s the real one. Daria is now nearby and follows the sound of Anna’s voice. At the same time, Mauro is out looking for Daria (they got split up).

To add extra confusion, Daria and Mauro separately find their moms. Then, in a true moment of family dysfunction, Giulio and Mickey corner their dad, threatening to shoot him. However, Albert gains the upper hand and takes the gun from Micki. Keep in mind that, as all this is happening, Thomas is still injured, though possibly recuperating (he’s a tough guy).

Anyway, the question emerges: Which Anna is real? The Anna assumed to be the doppelgänger pleads for Albert to spare her life. However, in a brutal moment of misleading truth, Albert shoots her then himself. Mauro runs off to look for the other Anna. As you have probably guessed, it’s a bit tricky to determine which character is real or which is fake, but it seems the Anna doppelgänger is the one who runs away when Klara’s doppelgänger and Thomas arrive at the Plain of the Dead.

Literal cliffhanger

The Curon season 1 finale winds down with a literal cliffhanger, with the fleeing Anna nearly falling off of a cliff’s edge. Daria grabs her hand but Mauro and Thomas convince her to let go, and she falls (perhaps to her death, but maybe to her eventual resurrection). In a substantial twist, Micki and Giulio learn that the Albert doppelgänger was actually their father! Also, Lukas is brought to his father (Giuseppe Gandini).

As the episode nears completion, Don Luigi, the priest of Curon (Maximilian Dirr), publicly rallies against the Raina family. That headache is compounded by some Curon curse-related headaches, which Daria and Mickey both suffer. By now we know these headaches signify new doppelgängers. However, the new ones are awkwardly (and disturbingly) trapped under the frozen lake near Curon’s belltower. The question is, how long will these other beings stay submerged?

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