Titans Season 3, Episode 11 recap: Time to take the masks off

Titans - Courtesy of HBO Max
Titans - Courtesy of HBO Max /

In Titans Season 3 Episode 11, “The Call is Coming From Inside the House,” the heroes of Gotham fight their own demons to save Gotham. But there will be no winners today.

The HBO Max show goes into some serious psychological horror territory in this episode. Scarecrow, now reigning supreme in Wayne Manor, decides to do the one thing they tell you not to—he Bat-Googles himself.

Batman has files on all the Gotham villains, and Scarecrow wants to hear what the Dark Knight had to say about him. It’s nothing good. Batman believed Jonathan Crane always needed a proxy to do his dirty work. That Scarecrow was the only strong part of Crane’s personality.

In other words, Batman thought Crane was pathetic, a coward, a tragic villain in Gotham, someone who was nothing without his alter ego. Crane doesn’t like that description at all. And Gotham will play the price.

Titans Season 3, Episode 11 – Tim and Donna

Titans Season 3 Episode 11
Titans – Courtesy of HBO Max /

In the meantime, Gotham is going to hell in Titans Season 3, Episode 11. Most of the GCPD are in cahoots with Scarecrow.

Everything’s become ridiculously expensive overnight. People are terrified. There’s no internet, and most people have no power at home. Nobody can drink the water since Scarecrow poisoned it.

Into this nightmare returns Tim Drake, now back from the dead with the help of Donna Troy and the still-deceased Hank Hall. Tim woke up in the hospital to find everyone had gone and his home city a giant mess.

For anyone else, this would be terrifying. Fortunately, Tim finds Donna, who’s finally made it into Gotham. They team up to get Tim back to his home and hopefully find the Titans on the way.

Tim’s parents are massively relieved to have their son home. Their restaurant is closed, of course, but they still have some power and bottled water. No internet, though. That’s not going to help Donna.

It turns out Tim has a solution. Tim isn’t just very observant; he’s resourceful, too. Tim has set up an entire control center in the Drake restaurant basement using old computers and radios.

Tim’s delighted at revealing his work, and Donna is relieved. She might be able to use this old tech to find the Titans.

However, Tim’s parents are furious. This is what he’s been doing with his time? The Drakes are certain that Tim’s interests got him shot and almost killed.

Donna needs Tim’s help right now, so the Drakes leave their son alone, but this will not be the last Tim hears about it. Could this have gone worse?

But they have more to worry about. For some reason, GCPD keeps checking in on the Drakes every six hours. If that sounds excessive, it is.

Tim’s cousin, Stephen (Vinson Tran), informs them of something big. There are cells all over Gotham that are resisting Scarecrow. The Drakes’ block is one of them. The GCPD is planning to tear them down, no matter who’s in their way.

Donna was given a message from Lydia—that she could be a leader. Perhaps this is what she meant? Donna needs to lead the people of Gotham against Scarecrow. It’s what she’s been preparing for all her life.

Titans Season 3, Episode 11 – Starfire and Blackfire

Titans Season 3 Episode 11
Titans – Courtesy of HBO Max /

Starfire isn’t sure what to do with herself without her powers in Titans Season 3, Episode 11. She sees the helpless Gothamites paying through their noses for medicines that shouldn’t be so expensive.

Starfire decides to help one woman whose baby needs medicines. It just so happens that the woman’s baby is the same one from Starfire’s daymares.

Kapelwa (Makambe Simamba) is afraid of Starfire when the Titan approaches her. But unlike the rest of Gotham, Kapelwa hears Starfire out, even though Kapelwa has no idea why Starfire is dreaming of her child.

But before they can discuss anything more, Max (Steven Yaffee), an extortionist, decides to bother Kapelwa about some money he thinks he’s owed. Starfire steps in the way, despite not having her powers, and ends up getting shot.

As the bullet strikes her, Starfire enters another daymare, this one from her past. Moments after she’s born, she sees herself in her mother Queen Luand’r’s (Asha James) arms. King Myand’r (Andrew Moodie) is delighted that he has a daughter who will reign after him.

But when baby Koriand’r is examined, it is found that she doesn’t have the fire ability of the Tamaranean people. She will never be accepted as ruler of the world. But Myand’r refuses to hear it. Koriand’r will be queen even if they all have to lie to the people of Tamaran.

A few years later, Komand’r is born, and she does have the firepower. But by then, all of Tamaran had accepted Koriand’r as the heir. Myand’r thinks of a way to salvage the situation. He commands the soothsayers to use a spell to transfer Komand’r’s powers to Koriand’r.

And that is why her own family treated Komand’r poorly and why, when Starfire tried to heal her sister, the powers transferred back to their original owner. As Starfire returns to herself in Gotham, she finds herself recovering from the bullet wound. More than that, Starfire emits a blue light and uses it to take down Max.

Starfire may not have had a fire in her veins, but she had always had this other power repressed by the fire.

Now, finally, Starfire is close to getting some answers about herself and Blackfire. Maybe Starfire can finally be her true self.

Titans Season 3, Episode 11 – Dick and Jason

Titans Season 3 Episode 11
Titans – Courtesy of HBO Max /

Crane’s meltdown at the harsh truths Batman shared leads him to push Jason further. So, Red Hood challenges Nightwing to a one-on-one fight to the death in Titans Season 3, Episode 11.

But Dick isn’t going to hand himself over to Jason that easily. He plans to go to Wayne Enterprises and use the systems there to take over the computers in Wayne Manor.

The plan doesn’t work. Jason is young and impulsive, but not stupid. He knows this will be Dick’s plan, so he hacks into the Wayne Enterprises system first. Dick’s plan is scuppered, so he goes to plan B.

Conner isn’t happy with Plan B—basically, Dick facing Jason on his own—because it’s too dangerous. As far as Conner is concerned, this will not be a fair fight, so he should join Dick.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows Conner. He has a big heart, and of course, he would want to fight for his friends. But Dick won’t allow Conner to go to this fight, and he uses Kryptonite to stop both Conner and Krypto. Not cool, Dick. Not cool.

The fight between Jason and Dick is nothing short of one-sided. Jason is strong, sure, but he’s no match for Dick’s experience.

Dick has all but won when they’re joined by an audience, a very partisan audience. They want Nightwing to go and stop hurting their hero, Red Hood. Gosh, Gothamites are gullible.

One bystander starts shooting at Dick, which doesn’t make much of a difference seeing as Dick is wearing armor. But the man gets lucky—one shot hits Dick in his exposed throat.

Dick falls to the ground, bleeding and helpless, as the crowd chants’ Red Hood’. As Jason steps further away, realizing what’s happening, the crowd falls on Dick, kicking and hitting the bleeding man. Jason runs away.

Back at Wayne Manor, Jason returns to find a disemboweled pizza delivery man—the victim of Crane and Scarecrow finally becoming one.

Crane used to hide behind a mask but not anymore. He’s ditched the mask and Scarecrow. The man in front of Jason, his face cut and bleeding from self-inflicted wounds, is the only villain Gotham is going to know.

As all this is happening, Gar Logan informs a newly-returned Rachel Roth about his research on Lazarus Pits. It’s the only explanation for Jason’s return from the dead.

Rachel uses her abilities to find the Pit. No sooner do they discover it than Rachel feels her connection to Dick waning. She knows Dick is hurt, and the Lazarus Pit is right there. Can Rachel save Nightwing, and as a result, Gotham?

Final Thoughts – Titans Season 3 Episode 11 Had So Much Going On

Wow, that was a lot! Titans Season 3, Episode 11 was packed. All the characters, all the arcs, all the terror. You can really feel that finale coming soon.

I loved it all, and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in the last couple of episodes. Things look bad for the Titans, but I have hope!

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