The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 7 recap: Is [SPOILER] really dead?

Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

This week’s The Morning Show was full of surprises — some we sort of saw coming and some we…didn’t, to say the least. Alex’s arc in The Morning Show season 2 has been leading up to a confrontation with Mitch, which we finally go to see this episode, as it’s revealed she chartered a plane to Italy after pulling out from the debate in Vegas.

Alex finally gets some semblance of closure with Mitch, while Mitch and Paola take their relationship to the next level, all before a shocking conclusion. Read on to learn what exactly went down in Italy this week.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Planes, pains, and automobiles

Alex shows up on Mitch’s doorstep, furious that he didn’t deny the allegations they slept together when Maggie Brenner asked — being associated with him in that way will inevitably ruin her life. Though Mitch ultimately agrees to talk to his attorney and release a statement denying the claim, he’s disappointed. He thought she would care more about her family’s reactions to the news rather than her public reputation. Though he has to talk to his lawyer, he gives her a piece of paper with his new phone number so she can make sure he follows through on his word, and Alex storms out.

Paola tells Mitch he shouldn’t allow Alex to leave so angrily, and he follows her to the gate before she can go. He apologizes for losing sight of what really mattered regarding their relationship — all he asks is that she try and understand him instead of thinking he’s malicious and evil. Alex refuses, stomping to her car and desperately trying to find a flight for that night. Unfortunately, the combination of fashion week and lockdown makes getting a plane impossible.

Alex vows to drive to the airport anyway and try to get a plane in person, calling her daughter and warning her about the content of the book on the way. She quickly grows tired behind the wheel, pulling over and getting some sleep after a near accident. A cop finds her in the morning, demanding to know what she’s doing out in the lockdown. Because her phone is dead and she has no phone numbers memorized, she has no choice but to give the police the only contact information she does have: Mitch’s.

The Morning Show season 2
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When she arrives back at Mitch’s place, she finds a note alongside a plate of breakfast. It says that he’ll stay out of her way and that the statement she requested is in an envelope on the table. It’s enough to make Alex break down in tears, and she ends up shattering a glass when reaching for a napkin to wipe her eyes. The noise makes Mitch come to the kitchen to make sure she’s okay, and she sobs that she doesn’t know who she is or what she’s supposed to be doing — all she knows is that he misses him.

The two hug and make up, Mitch even managing to get her a flight back early the next morning. The two dance around the house and play board games while they wait, and Alex even promises to use her connections to help Paola with her documentary. She admits that after Chile, she thought she might have been pregnant with his baby. Despite the situation, she wanted to keep it and mourned it when it turned out she wasn’t pregnant after all. The two eventually fall asleep while reminiscing about how great of a team they made.

When Mitch wakes up in the middle of the night and turns on the TV, he sees a news story break outlining the allegations that he targeted Black women. This spooks Alex, reminding her what Mitch has done, and she decides to head to the airport early. Mitch breaks down, crying that he doesn’t have the tools to understand everything he did wrong. He pleads with her to teach him to be a better person, hurt that — while he’ll lie for her — she won’t even publicly defend him. When Alex doesn’t respond, he finally begins to accept that their relationship is forever changed and she can’t come to his defense anymore, letting her leave after one final hug goodbye.

The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Highway to hell

The Morning Show season 2
Valeria Golino and Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

While Mitch and Alex grow further apart, he and Paola ultimately grow closer than they have throughout the entirety of The Morning Show season 2 — but not before some tension. With the news of coronavirus getting worse, Mitch announces that he’s thinking about going back home to be with his children. His request before he does, however, is that Paola deletes the interview they did together. Paola is hurt, thinking Mitch doesn’t trust her, but she pointedly puts the file in the trash in front of him before walking out the door. Before she does, she lets him know the professor that exposed them to the virus has died.

While the two are playing board games, Alex convinces Mitch to text Paola and invite her back over. When she wakes up to the message, she asks if the offer still stands, and he wonders if he can come over to her place instead — he wants to live in her world for a while.

When he arrives, he defends himself against the news story that just came out, but Paola doesn’t care — she kisses him and announces she wants to have sex with him, even slapping him when he starts his spiel against it. The two sleep together, and Paola admits she didn’t delete the interview after all, as she wanted to be able to rewatch it in case they never saw each other again. In that case, Mitch says, she’s safe to delete it now.

Though it seems that everything is looking up for Mitch, when he drives to go get more cigarettes, he begins to hear all of his mistakes echo in his mind. Distracted, he narrowly misses an oncoming car and swerves near a cliff. He contemplates for a moment before letting go of the wheel.

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