The Morning Show season 2 shocker: 4 things to expect after that death

Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

The Morning Show season 2 hit us with a curveball last week. After Alex paid Mitch a surprise visit, demanding he make a statement saying that they never had a romantic relationship, the two of them shared a rollercoaster of a few days. From playing Trivial Pursuit to screaming at each other by the front gate, falling asleep on the floor together to Mitch trying to defend himself against new allegations that he targeted Black women, it was a whirlwind.

All of this led up to a shocking final moment. After having sex with Paola, Mitch headed out for cigarettes. While in the car, thoughts started swirling in his head — his past mistakes tormenting him. This led to Mitch swerving on a windy, narrow Italian road and, instead of trying to steer himself back on track, simply letting go of the wheel and accepting his end.

With a death this big and shocking, there are sure to be some intense complications, causing a ripple effect for many of our characters. Here are our predictions for the rest of The Morning Show season 2:

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Alex will grapple with guilt

The Morning Show season 2
Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show,” premiering November 1 on Apple TV+… Image Courtesy Apple TV+ /

We saw exactly what happened the moments before Mitch took his hands off the wheel, but nobody else did. Considering the fact that, besides Paola, Alex was the last one to see him — and tell him that she couldn’t possibly ever defend him in public — we anticipate some…complicated feeling for her.

Do you think she will simply see this as a tragic accident and keep quiet? Or will she assume this was a premeditated suicide and blame herself? Maybe even feel the need to defend him post-mortem? The police are bound to investigate, which doesn’t have us confident Alex is going to be able to keep the secret of her whereabouts, despite doing her best to shroud it in the utmost secrecy. Which brings us to the next point.

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Maggie’s book tour is going to get interesting

Mitch’s death is sure to make headlines — which means even more press and relevancy for Maggie’s long-awaited book. There was already massive anticipation building in regards to what Maggie was planning to reveal, and now, the demand is no doubt going to increase ten-fold. All eyes are about to be on Maggie and everyone she included in her manuscript.

Which complicates things even further for Alex. She flew to Italy in order to get a statement from Mitch, but can she use it now? How is it going to look if she releases it before he’s even in the ground? Suspicious? Insensitive? A little too convenient? None of the options seem particularly good.

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Paola is going to shake things up

The Morning Show season 2
Valeria Golino and Steve Carell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Paola quickly became the most important person in Mitch’s life, rooting for him against what she saw as “cancel culture.” Before he died, Mitch asked Alex to look out for her. We all know she’s working on a documentary…could Alex see helping her finish that as her duty and reach out earlier now that Mitch is gone?

As far as we know, Paola also still has Mitch’s interview. Although it’s not particularly redeeming, it is starkly honest and shows his point of view. Could she use that footage to try to counteract the less-than-flattering image surely painted in Maggie’s book?

It’s worth noting that she’s still in Italy, which is a COVID hotspot. Although Mitch died in a car wreck, the pandemic is a very real threat — especially because the professor who potentially exposed Paola and Mitch recently died. Could Paola’s life be in jeopardy? Could she try and use Alex to spread her message if she does indeed pass away? And could Alex herself be in danger of getting sick, too, considering she just shared a space with both of them?

The Morning Show season 2 prediction: Bradley will grow closer to both Laura and Cory

The Morning Show Season 2
Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 4 now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Alex won’t be the only person to have some complex feelings about Mitch. Although she was undoubtedly the closest to him, many of our Morning Show crew knew him in some capacity. Cory had just spoken to him on the phone about Hannah’s lawsuit, and Bradley played a large role in his attempted surprise interview in last season’s finale. Considering Laura’s time at UBA overlapped with his, it’s a safe bet they interacted, too.

Mitch’s death is going to set off a bomb of messy emotions for everyone — and likely put memories of Hannah and her death front and center again. Trauma has a way of bringing everyone closer together, at least for a while. Cory and Bradley have a way of gravitating to each other, and we predict that Cory will want to lean on her during this time. Laura has been a soft place to land for Bradley throughout many difficult times — the primaries, being publicly outed, her brother’s visit — and with her admission that she cares about Laura and doesn’t want to lose her, we have no doubt she’ll turn to her when this news breaks, too.

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