All American Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: All I Need

All American -- "All I Need" -- Image Number: ALA403c_0080r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Samantha Logan as Olivia and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: Kevin Estrada/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
All American -- "All I Need" -- Image Number: ALA403c_0080r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Samantha Logan as Olivia and Daniel Ezra as Spencer -- Photo: Kevin Estrada/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

In the previous episode of All American, Spencer and Jordan have Billy thinking about some tough questions. Will this be enough to repair their relationship?

Spencer is running around the neighborhood and comes home to the head coach of Toledo State in his kitchen. They want him to play as a true freshman. This means he will have to leave Crenshaw in a few weeks to start training. Spencer has a lot to think about.

Jordan is showing Billy his highlight reel for D1 recruiters. Billy thinks that the reel is great and that recruiters will be coming out to see him. The only thing is that Jordan sent out tapes two weeks ago and hasn’t heard anything yet.

Billy tells Jordan that Coach Montes will be coaching the All-American game. Jordan is happy he might actually get a chance to play.

All American Season 4, Episode 3: How will Olivia take the news of Spencer leaving?

Coach Montes is going through Asher’s college plans now that he can’t play football. She asks him to help her out on the sidelines of the All-American game, but he turns it down.

Layla is in the studio when Preach comes in. She is upset that Coop hasn’t come in to record yet. She asks Preach to push Coop back into the studio.

Spencer and Olivia are talking about Spencer’s early start in college. She thinks that it is amazing and that he should go. To say goodbye, Spencer has made special plans for him and Olivia.

Spencer is at his locker, and Billy walks right past him. Spencer calls out to him and thanks him for signing his early enrollment papers for college. Billy tells Spencer that he deserves it and doesn’t say much else.

Coop is watching Preach’s daughter. She is asking Coop about what happened the night Coop and her mother got shot. Preach shows up and asks Coop when she is going to tell Layla that she is quitting music.

Preach dishes out some tough love and is making Coop take responsibility for her actions.

Olivia goes to her sponsor about Spencer leaving. She asks her sponsor about relationships and how quickly she should move with Spencer. Her sponsor tells her to do what she feels is right.

Jordan goes to Montes to ask about playing time. She says that she will try to let him play in the second half. She sits him down and tells him that the recruiters are concerned about his medical stats. This is the reason that no one has called.

All American
All American — “All I Need” — Image Number: ALA403c_0012r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Daniel Ezra as Spencer and Karimah Westbrook as Grace — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

All American Season 4, Episode 3: Will Billy and Spencer mend their relationship?

Spencer and his mother go mini-golfing. Grace wins and asks Spencer about Billy. Spencer tells her that Billy doesn’t want to be around him anymore. Could Grace be stepping in?

Asher is in the cafe trying to write a college essay. Layla comes over to try to help out. Asher can’t figure anything else to write about besides football. Layla tells him that he is coming with her for the day.

Jordan goes to his father about the recruiters. Billy tells him to think about a junior college. Jordan is on board with this. Then, Grace barges in.

Spencer and Coop are hanging out on the swings. Coop wants him to send her stuff from college. Spencer gets on her case about her career, so Coop flips the switch and asks about Olivia.

Grace yells at Billy about how he has been treating Spencer. Billy admits that he is mad at Spencer because he is really angry at himself. He asks Grace how he can build back his relationship with Spencer.

Spencer and Olivia pull up to the fancy restaurant, but it is next to the mini-golf and arcade, so they do that instead.

Coop goes to the cafe and sees Preach talking to his daughter. Coop goes over to Preach. They both apologize for what they said to each other.

Layla and Asher are in the studio. Layla is excited that she just signed a new artist. They fall back into old patterns and kiss each other.

Spencer and Olivia are outside the arcade. Spencer asks Olivia to come back to his place. She asks him if they can talk. They agree to take it slow and wait until they are both ready. As they are leaving, Spencer gets a text from Billy.

Asher and Layla are talking about what just happened between the two of them. Asher tells Layla that, since they broke up, Layla has improved herself and made him realize that he can improve, as well. Somewhere in the conversation, Asher slips out that Layla has lost Coop as an artist. Layla did not know that yet.

Billy has called all the graduating seniors to the school. He has given them all their own ring that is inscribed “we won.”

Coop goes to the studio to tell Layla that she is quitting. Layla tells Coop that she is going to finish the album with a different artist. Coop is devastated but signs the papers.

Coach Montes is at the Baker house talking to Jordan about the All-American game. She is also there to ask Billy to be the assistant coach for the game. He accepts.

Spencer tells the Toledo coach that he will be going out in a few weeks; however, he is also told that the coach that recruited him is no longer there.

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Will this change Spencer’s mind? Will Spencer want to leave knowing he doesn’t have what he was promised? What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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